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It’s never been easier to quit. Learn how to make it easier to stay.

We asked nearly 14,000 employees around the world about their experiences at work to help pinpoint why your people are leaving, and who's most at risk. Tune in to dive deeper into our Global 2022 Employee Experience Trends Report.

In this on-demand session, our seasoned employee experience experts break down the key trends on a global level and share specific actions you can take to engage your top talent and keep them for the long run.

What you'll learn from this webinar:

  • How employee preferences have changed over the course of the last two years
  • Where to start as you rewrite the employee experience playbook for 2022
  • Practical actions you can take in your organisation to limit the impacts of the Great Resignation

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Picture of Cecelia Herbert PH.D., XMP

Cecelia Herbert PH.D., XMP

Principal XM Catalyst, Qualtrics XM Institute

Cecelia is a Doctor of Organizational Psychology with over 20 years of experience as a practitioner, academic, and consultant. She partners with organizations across the globe to design, mature, and grow their XM Programs and is building a thriving community of XM professionals through the XM Institute. Prior to Qualtrics, Cecelia was a leader in the Employee Engagement organisation at Google.

Picture of Benjamin Granger, Ph.D., XMP

Benjamin Granger, Ph.D., XMP

Head of EX Advisory Services, Qualtrics

Dr. Benjamin Granger is Head of EX Advisory Services and serves as Adjunct Faculty for the Qualtrics XM Institute. He has over a decade of experience building Experience Management (XM) programs across the globe and leads EX thought leadership and research initiatives within the XM Institute.

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