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Adjusting your CX program to deal with COVID-19

CX Webinar - CX in Action: Service NSW & Qualtrics

There’s never been a more important time than now for the CX industry to share learnings, best practice, and advice.

During downturns, organisations are forced to intensely focus on what’s most important - and for many that means prioritising retention using customer experience.

CX leaders will play a critical role in helping their company through the current environment. But to optimise effectiveness, leaders will need to re-prioritise their efforts to align with the changing needs of the business.

As you think about making changes to your CX program, join Qualtrics to discover how to turn CX theory into action. We’ll cover the principles to keep in mind and the types of questions you need to consider, and be joined by Service NSW which will discuss the steps it takes to deliver the support customers need in times of crisis.

What you will learn in this webinar:

  • The principles to follow when adjusting your CX program in a rapidly changing environment
  • Real-life examples of businesses rapidly changing CX programs when faced with crisis
  • How to engage and communicate with customers during the current climate
  • Steps companies are already taking to adjust their CX programs

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Picture of Vicky Katsabaris

Vicky Katsabaris

Head of Customer XM, Qualtrics APJ

Picture of Philip Bland

Philip Bland

Customer Insights Manager, Service NSW

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