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Succeeding in the age of experience transformation

At a time when customer and employee expectations and needs have never been higher, it is also easier than ever for people to change jobs, switch products, and choose new brands. It means the experiences delivered by every business and government have never been more critical to their success.

Discover how to unlock the value of great experiences with your organisation as leading brands - including Uber, Standard Chartered and Afterpay - join Qualtrics to discuss the steps they’ve taken to design world-class customer and employee experiences, and then continually improve them to set the industry standard. 

Through a collection of engaging, real-life examples, you’ll discover:

  • Frameworks to quickly and effectively adjust traditional ways of working in response to changing demands
  • Ways to unlock the actionable insights needed to move forward successfully
  • How to effectively capture continuous insights from customers and employees to continually move forward

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Picture of Maisie Lam

Maisie Lam

Head of Customer Experience ANZ, Uber

Picture of Daniel Camilleri

Daniel Camilleri

Principal Researcher, Afterpay

Picture of David Wilson

David Wilson

Head of Organisational Development, Standard Chartered

Picture of Brigid Archibald

Brigid Archibald

Managing Director Asia Pacific & Japan, Qualtrics

Picture of Vicky Katsabaris

Vicky Katsabaris

Director of XM Solutions and Strategy, Qualtrics

Picture of Steve Bennetts

Steve Bennetts

Head of Employee Experience Growth & Strategy, Qualtrics

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