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Take action across the entire organization to grow your brand with brand tracking software that's plugged in to the heartbeat of your company

Keep track of what’s happening in your market and react quickly to new opportunities with a brand tracking study designed to drive action.

  • Measure ROI and impact of marketing campaigns
  • Track brand awareness to predict sales growth
  • Explain shifts in market share with real-time tracking
  • See how you compare to the competition at every stage in the funnel
  • Understand and eliminate barriers to purchase

Answer your hardest brand performance questions

Real-world data in real-time

Get real-time insights you can act on, with a brand tracker that reflects the real-world choices people make about your brand.

Stay ahead of your competition

Compare your performance to your competitors at every stage in the funnel and automatically see the improvements that will have the biggest impact on your brand.

Insights that everyone can use

Your brand tracking data plugs in to the systems and processes your teams are already using, so everyone can take action to grow the brand.

Launch your brand tracking study

A brand tracking program that grows with you

Whether it’s a new brand tracker or you’re bringing over an existing methodology, you’ll have access to world-class benchmarks with real-time views of your brand funnel. As your brand grows, simply adapt your tracker to bring in new benchmarks, metrics, channels and audiences in a few clicks.

Go from brand awareness to unwavering loyalty

Qualtrics helps you combine each brand tracking element to derive a useful picture of your overall brand health. You can use this data to measure and display awareness, consideration, purchase, and preference. All in a single funnel that charts how well customers are moving from high-level awareness all the way to intense loyalty.

Always Tracking.
Always Ready.

This isn’t a once-a-year study — this is always on brand intelligence. You’ll know about shifts in the landscape and your key metrics the instant they happen, so you can react quickly, rather than wait months for your brand tracking reports to be ready.

A refreshingly new way to track your brand

Tie your brand metrics to bottom-line growth

See how investments in your brand directly impact the bottom line and prioritize the actions that will have the biggest impact.

Track improvements over time

See how your brand performs over time, whether its unaided awareness, intent to buy or any other brand metric, you’ll see how it’s changing plus, what’s driving it.

See what's happening under the hood

Your tracker is fully customizable to your market and your industry, and it’s 100% transparent, so you’ll know exactly what you’re measuring and why.

Your brand research. Managed by our experts.

Don’t have an in-house team of researchers? Our Research Services team is on hand to help. Our experts will take of everything from designing your study to finding the respondents, fielding it and reporting back. So all you need to do is sit back and wait for the insights to roll in.

What is brand tracking?

Brand tracking is how organizations understand consumer perception and its impact on their business over a period of time, usually through quantitative measures of brand performance on a number of key dimensions.

While people are typically aware of many brands, it doesn’t mean they’re considering them as options in buying situations. Brand tracking uses feedback to help you measure brand awareness, brand loyalty, and brand associations. It allows you to not only understand the commercial value of your brand, but also to record changes and optimize your strategy to get more from your brand.

Brand tracking research entails surveying your target audience about your brand regularly. It allows you to track key metrics over time and learn what’s driving any improvements. And it gives you a way to correlate marketing activities with changes in awareness and preference, helping you to understand what you should do more and less of.

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