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Learn what your market
likes (or dislikes) with ProductXM


Uncover product gaps

Automatically analyze all the conversations already happening with customers to help you eliminate product friction, wave goodbye to product failures, and learn what product your target market wants next.


product therapy

Wherever people talk about your products, XM Discover detects it, analyzes it, categorizes it, and routes it straight into your product development process. From support calls, to social media, to review websites, you can pull in real-time, unfiltered feedback from the conversations already happening about your products.

Competitive intelligence

Double down on

Get more intel on your competitors than they have on themselves with an always-on feed of how people feel about their products. Now you know how you stack up, where you need to catch up, and where you can put clear daylight between you in the market.


Why wait for
customers to tell you
what they need?

You’ll know who to target, with what updates, to have the biggest impact on your product’s success. XM Discover automatically categorizes conversations so you can quickly drill down into different segments and really target your product development.

Product Development

From design faults to difficult set-ups, find and fix points of friction

XM Discover digs deeper into what people say about your products to uncover the emotions, intensity, and effort at every stage. So whether it’s reworking unclear instructions, providing the right set up tools, or making those cables just that little bit longer, you can bake empathetic design into your process to tackle the little things that have a big impact.


XM Discover analyzes
conversations natively in 23
languages, so you can customize
your product experience to the
unique needs of every market.

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