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What are interaction analytics?

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Interaction Analytics are the processes of uncovering meaningful insights from unstructured natural language conversations.

Why do you need Interaction Analytics?

Conversations are gold mines of information about your customers and their perception of your organisation. While traditional surveys are sampled and biased, leveraging Interaction Analytics to evaluate phone conversations, social media exchanges, or Liveperson chats reveals the holistic, actual voice of the customer. Taking advantage of the treasure trove of unsolicited feedback within their contact centres empowers organisations to make more informed decisions more quickly, thus saving time, money, and headaches.

What counts as an Intelligent Score?

Intelligent Scoring automatically distills many complex criteria into a single unifying score, harnessing features across the entire Clarabridge product suite. You can leverage enrichments like effort and sentiment to create customer experience scores without surveys, build complex conditional logic, and deploy root cause features like Drivers and Outliers to ensure your index captures what you’re aiming to track.

In a nutshell: if you can ingest it into Clarabridge, you can score it, regardless of the data source. Intelligent scoring can be used to measure agent quality, customer experience, sales efficacy, legal risks, or even to monitor consumer reactions to current events.

What are Clarabridge Interaction Analytics?

Clarabridge analyses dialogs between agents and customers on calls, chat sessions, and private messaging channels, enabling organisations to evaluate and score performance attributes across all service channels and also determine root cause. Clarabridge visually displays dialogs in an easy-to-navigate “spine”, which includes colour coding and tagging of call metadata and NLP-derived attributes such as topics, customer intent, silence, empathy, overtalk, hold times, emotion, sentiment, call reason, issue resolution, and more. Clarabridge also supports audio playback, filtering, search, and alerts. Additionally, integrations with LivePerson, Salesforce, Gladly, Genesys, Kana, Zendesk and many more systems are supported in 2020.

Key Features of Clarabridge Interaction Analytics

  • Robust omni-channel capabilities to analyse every conversation, regardless of the data source
  • Proprietary, best-in-class Natural Language Processing and Natural Language Understanding capabilities
  • Patent-pending Intelligent Scoring to accelerate decision-making and prioritisation
  • Out-of-the-box enrichments like sentiment analysis and Clarabridge’s proprietary effort score to identify points of friction
  • Emotion and emotional intensity analysis to measure customer attitudes
  • Root cause analysis via features like Drivers and Outliers
  • Alerting to quickly notify relevant users of conversational anomalies
  • 150+ pre-built industry taxonomies to organise interactions (unstructured data) for customer journey analysis
  • Interactive dashboards and tailored views to distribute insights to stakeholders

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