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See how the University of Oregon used Qualtrics to combat sexual assault across America’s campuses.

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Student & Faculty Research

Simple enough for interns. Sophisticated enough for PhDs

  • Classroom research
  • Experimental design
  • Longitudinal analysis
  • Qualitative and quantitative research

Classroom Research

Enable students to conduct any type of research and collaborate with classmates and professors. With Qualtrics, students and faculty can perform ad-hoc research and quickly uncover data for everything from class projects and field studies to graduate dissertations and capstone projects.

Course Management

Connect your Qualtrics license to other key learning applications like LMS portals. Do everything from releasing student grades once course feedback is completed, to using Qualtrics as a quiz or testing tool that automatically maps grades back into the LMS system.

Experimental Design

Put your respondents in “real-life” situations and execute studies using multiple stimuli, randomisation, timing sequences, and more.

Consumer Behaviour Studies

With more than 100 different question types and advanced survey logic, Qualtrics helps you run the most simple or complex consumer behaviour studies.

Panel Recruitment & Management

Build your own panel and gain access to an engaged group of respondents so you can research faster and pull in higher response rates. Qualtrics helps you manage incentives and build rich respondent profiles so you can target respondents with better questions, every time you do research.

Longitudinal Analysis

Using Qualtrics’ robust features and flexible analysis tools, you can easily match historical data to see trends overtime and compare pre- and post-testing.

Clinical Trials

We give you all the functionality you need to handle your human subject research. On top of that, our secure servers and technology can manage sensitive data upon approval from the Institutional Review Board (IRB).

Implicit Association

We give you the technology and tools you need to perform clinical, cognitive, and developmental implicit association testing without any custom coding or extra programming.

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Campus Insights

Create exceptional campus experiences for university students, faculty, and alumni

  • Student engagement and satisfaction
  • Student case management
  • Online course evaluations
  • Alumni engagement
  • Role-based Dashboards

Role-Based Reporting and Dynamic Dashboards

Give everyone, from the university president down to the department chairs, the ability to sort and visualise metrics and insights that are relevant to their job role and needs.

Student Engagement and Satisfaction

With over 100 question types and customisable engagement templates, you can identify what matters most to your students and drive better campus experience, increased retention rates, and more efficient admissions processes.

Alumni Engagement

Engage alumni with targeted offers and invitations that provide relevant opportunities to stay connected and support the organisation. Easily reach out to alumni for feedback about everything from student outreach to athletic events.

Student Case Management

Collect feedback from students and direct it to the right parties so professors and faculty can take action, and tailor course plans or programs to meet student needs.

Online Course Evaluations

Capture feedback after and during every course — whether online or in-classroom — to ensure teachers and administrators can improve individual learning outcomes.

Targeted Online Recruitment and Admission Support

Understand who is visiting your website and provide targeted help or information. Use Qualtrics to increase admissions, engage followers, and build your university's brand.

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Employee Engagement and Student Assessment

Empower your faculty and staff to shape student futures

  • Student, faculty, and staff 360 reviews
  • Employee Insights
  • Onboarding feedback
  • Faculty exit interviews

Faculty 360 Reviews

Collect performance evaluation feedback from TAs, department chairs, and other stakeholders so faculty and instructors can develop their career.

Student 360 Feedback and Development Initiatives

Help graduate-level students recognize their blind spots and strengths so they can identify areas for improvement and make the most of their educational experience.

Employee Engagement

Gain access to employee and department health reports that also allow you to drill down and identify which levers to pull to spur individual and collective engagement.

Onboarding Feedback

Find out if university employees and staff have the resources they need to hit the ground running.

Exit Insights

Pinpoint factors that cause employees to leave the university and collect insights to help you deal with any issues that might prompt regretted departure.

Ad-Hoc Employee Surveys

Qualtrics’ easy-to-use technology allows you to address employee concerns as they arise and course correct in real time.

Better engage faculty, staff, and students

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Welcome to the Experience Management PlatformTM

Four applications to manage the four key experiences of business

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Delight customers at every touchpoint. Monitor, respond and improve every interaction along the customer journey.

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Uncover product needs, prioritise features, and predict market trends.

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Drive employee excellence by measuring and optimising every stage of the employee lifecycle.

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Increase brand equity, test and improve advertising, and identify your essential brand drivers.

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