Manage your survey respondents with iQ Directory™

Manage survey respondents like never before with a single system of record for every interaction. Qualtrics iQ Directory™ is your air traffic control for research projects—just log in to see all your respondents’ interactions, opinions and contact information in one place. It makes it easier than ever to customise their experience, control global opt outs, contact frequency and automate rewards for engagement.

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Respondent directory reimagined

  • Manage the full experience of your contacts
  • View all respondents’ experiences over time
  • Reduce survey fatigue and improve data quality
  • Set up contact frequency rules and control global opt-outs and data deletion
  • Combine research interactions from every part of the organisation

Know your respondents inside and out

Keep customers and research participants engaged by personalising the research experience. With a unique understanding of their preferences and interactions over time, you’ll know the right time and channel to get in touch to maximise engagement.

  • Filter contacts by response
  • Automatically create contact lists based on custom criteria
  • Create new contact lists based on customer segments or random samples from existing customer lists
  • Automatically deduplicate contacts for easy directory consolidation

The full experience timeline in a single view

Manage every touchpoint your customer has through iQ Directory’s experience timeline. In one view you’ll see every experience they’ve ever had, including how they rated it, across every touchpoint and channel. Plus, with APIs into your existing systems, such as point-of-sale terminals and receipt surveys, you can combine their experiences and their activities in one easy-to-use platform.

Panel management from design to distribution

Stay on top of your research with iQ Directory’s distribution workflow that walks you through each stage—including reviews—before you hit send.

  • See all scheduled and sent distributions across the entire account in your outbox
  • View distribution metrics including responses, response rate, email metrics and more
  • Set up message triggers based on custom criteria and automatically add contacts to a list

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