You can’t possibly read all of your customers’ survey responses. Text iQ™ can.

Often, the most actionable insights are hidden deep in open text responses. Analysing them is painful. And at scale? It’s impossible. Qualtrics Text iQ instantly analyses open text so you can understand what, in your customers and employees own words, matters most.

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It’s always listening— freeing you up for everything else

Powerful machine learning algorithms automatically organise and assign sentiment scores to incoming open text feedback. In layman’s terms: you’ll know, immediately, which part of your customer journey to focus on next.

Drive action to the frontline and monitor issues over time

Text iQ automatically updates reports and dashboards for frontline employees, giving them the insights they need to make change in the moment.

It’s also monitoring key topics over time. Emerging topics are identified before they evolve into widespread issues—ensuring the changes you make become the results you expect.

Automatically uncover trends, problems, and opportunities—without manual tagging

  • Unlike other tools, Text iQ artificial intelligence doesn’t require complex models or extensive training.
  • Powerful machine learning and native language processing let iQ discover patterns and trends in open text. Trending topics are then automatically brought to the attention of the people that need to see them most.
  • Discovered topics are fully integrated into all Qualtrics reporting functions so they can be filtered, analyzed, and shared with ease.

Text iQ’s cluster-based intelligence understands context. Meaning you’ll quickly understand what you’re hearing the most from customers.

Qualtrics Text iQ instantly analyzes text and extracts actionable insights—empowering your entire organization to act on the problems and opportunities that matter most.

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