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Sophisticated research made simple

Get the data you need to make the most important decisions. From product, pricing and ad testing to customer feedback and brand tracking, join the 10,000+ brands and 99 of the top 100 business schools that make Qualtrics the world’s most-trusted research platform.

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Powerful & personal

Sophisticated research made simple

Ultimate flexibility – incredible simplicity

Personalize the experience for every respondent with the most flexible survey platform on the planet, featuring advanced branching, skip logic, AB tests, display logic, advanced piping, and so much more.

Reach your audience on any channel including email, mobile, website, social, in-app, IVR, chatbots, voice assistants and virtually any other channel you can imagine.

Intelligent & predictive

Uncover new insights with built-in intelligence


Leverage AI to check your survey methodology and screen for poor quality responses.

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Text iQ™

Find insights hidden deep in open text responses with sentiment scores, trend reports, and automated alerts

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Stats iQ™

Become a stats genius with just a few clicks—Stats iQ automatically chooses the right statistical test and gives easy to understand results

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Predict iQ™

Predict customer behavior and receive alerts so you can intervene with at-risk customers before they churn

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Automated & scalable

An automated platform plus a flexible services model allows for the right level of support for your research maturity

Smarter, faster research

Fast-track your research project with Qualtrics XM Certified Solutions™: out-of-the-box survey design and analysis, curated content, prescriptive workflows and seamless automation—all designed and validated by PhD research experts.

Grow your research, not your team

With Qualtrics XM Services, you have access to an entire research team to get on-demand help with research projects and access to over 40 million panel respondents.

We work when you do

Access 24/7 support by phone, chat and email, as well as extensive online support and a dedicated customer success team to help with any project.

Secure & integrated

Industry-leading security built on a platform that plays well with others

Industry-leading security

Keep your data safe and secure with enterprise-grade security, privacy, monitoring, and data access controls.

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Connect your X+O data

With automated integrations to best-in-class tools like Zendesk, Adobe Analytics, Salesforce, Tableau, and more – you can easily combine your experience and operational data into a single source of truth.

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What is market research?

It’s never been easier to put your customers at the heart of your most critical decisions from launching new products to growing your brand. Market research software makes it easy to collect and analyze experience data at scale to get a unique understanding of your market, your products, your competitors and your customers. Great market research starts with a survey and applies detailed analytics to turn opinions into insights and recommendations that help you make better decisions.

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