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Zillow + Qualtrics

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After Zillow acquired its closest competitor in 2014, Zillow’s workforce went from 800 to 3,000. To ensure that employees had a clear channel to voice their feedback surrounding the employee experience in a period of turbulent growth, Zillow invested in Qualtrics Experience Management.

How do you retrain your best employees while scaling rapidly?

In 2014, Zillow acquired its closest competitor. With two distinct workforces and cultures united in a such short time period, Zillow’s leadership knew that it would be critical to give employees a channel to voice their feedback as they worked to build a unified workforce.

Qualtrics XM allowed Zillow to take a full-lifecycle approach to understanding and optimizing the employee journey. This meant running all of their employee feedback programs on one platform, making it easy to connect insights from onboarding, candidate reaction, exit, and employee engagement data. Zillow gained the ability to see the employee experience gaps that existed within their organization, and move immediately to understand what was causing those gaps and how to close them.

Deeper insights through automated driver analysis

One of the first company-wide employee experience gaps Zillow found via research conducted on Qualtrics XM was that while their employee engagement was high, their employees’ intent to stay was noticeably lower. Zillow’s team used automated key driver analysis within Qualtrics to identify and rank the aspects of the employee experience that would be most likely to influence employees’ decision to stay with Zillow long-term. They found that career development was an important driver.

With this insight in hand, Zillow rolled out a comprehensive playbook for leadership that informed managers about their employees’ needs and how to fulfill those needs on a daily basis. As a result of this initiative, Zillow has seen measurable improvement to their favorability scores for career development—a key driver of employees’ willingness to stay.

When your workforce scales rapidly, it can be a scary proposition. Zillow used Qualtrics XM to navigate a turbulent period of growth while improving the impact of their employee research and zeroing in on key drivers of engagement and satisfaction pertaining to the employee experience lifecycle.

Zillow is making thousands of new employees feel at home

Mizuki Asano

Mizuki Asano

Employee Engagement Program Manager

Our mantra is power to the people, and so we empower consumers with data. We're doing the same thing now internally by empowering our leaders and employees with data about the employee experience.

Zillow is the leading real estate and rental marketplace, with a living database of more than 110 million U.S. homes. Launched in 2006 and headquartered in Seattle, Zillow empowers consumers with data so they can buy, sell, rent, finance, and remodel with confidence.


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