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Session airs July 15, 2021 | 8:00 AM AEST

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Session 3 | Telstra

Designing and improving experience in a rapidly changing world

Casey Hotham Future of Workplace Experience

As we move forward through the pandemic, every organisation is undergoing an experience transformation as they respond to new behaviours, expectations, and preferences among customers, employees, and the wider market. It means leaders need to figure out “what do our employees or customers WANT, right now?” And not just today, but for the next six months, the next 12 months. Telstra is a great example of a business listening and taking meaningful action on what matters to its employees to build a better way to work. This interview will profile the industry-leading work underway to highlight the investments being made in the company’s workforce, as well as position it as best practice among peers at a time they are facing similar challenges.

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