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Use Qualtrics XMOS2 to drive humanised intelligence at scale: from personalised insights to actionable
recommendations, you'll receive AI-driven guidance to drive business results.


Build a unified profile with Qualtrics xID that captures all feedback and interactions to provide personalised experiences that drive growth for customers and employees

Qualtrics iQ

Use iQ to turn raw feedback into powerful stories, revealing customer sentiment and themes with AI, to drive informed business decisions and keep you a step ahead.


Transform feedback into immediate, scalable actions with xFlow, and close experience gaps in real time.


Discover blind spots

Identify the next trend

Foster loyal connections

Artificial intelligence,
meet humanised intelligence

Qualtrics AI leverages the largest living archive of human sentiment to listen and act on every touchpoint, across
every channel, unlocking human connections at scale.


Trained on the world’s largest repository of experience data, actions, and benchmarks, Qualtrics AI delves deep into the experiences of customers, employees, and prospects to understand personal preferences, proactively anticipate needs, and offer scalable, actionable recommendations across your business.

Experience the Qualtrics difference. Our AI converts in-depth customer and employee data into actionable human insights. Anticipate needs and drive impactful decisions confidently with our ethically guided AI, ensuring trust and integrity in every insight.

Smarter Decision-Making_

Unlock hidden motivations and insights with Qualtrics AI’s advanced machine learning to make decisions that deeply connect with your audience.

Predictive Power_

Predict future trends with AI-powered analytics, crafting personalised engagements that meet individual needs before they arise.

Comprehensive Understanding_

Dive deep into the subtleties of every interaction and uncover what shapes customer and employee experiences, from expectations to satisfaction.

Actionable Recommendations_

Receive custom, actionable strategies from Qualtrics AI that enhance experiences and propel your business forward, guaranteeing measurable impact.


Qualtrics AI meets you where you are, connecting to every system of record and action in your enterprise, enabling you to embrace AI on your terms and adjust your integration as your business grows and your needs change.

Begin Your AI Journey with Qualtrics. Every organisation adopts AI at its own pace, and we understand that. Our platform is designed with you in mind, providing an stress-free, customised approach—not a rigid, one-size-fits-all solution. Our flexible AI solutions empower you to control your AI journey, letting you choose exactly how much control to maintain as AI integrates with your platform and workflow.


The Qualtrics platform supports enterprise grade compliance, governance, and security out of the box. We're committed to safeguarding your proprietary insights and competitive advantages.

At the heart of innovation lies a core commitment to security and trust. We fiercely guard your data, ensuring that confidentiality is never compromised and that the insights and competitive advantages you’ve worked hard to obtain remain exclusively yours. Our platform is designed with sophisticated security measures that adhere to the strictest data protection standards, so you can focus on leveraging our trusted AI with complete peace of mind.

Transform data into outcomes with Qualtrics AI

Qualtrics AI turns all your data into clear insights and actionable next steps, enhancing your strategic decisions,
empowering every single person in your organization to take timely action, and unlocking business value.

Customer Experience logo

Simplify the customer support process with smart and actionable insights, enabling teams to resolve issues quickly and dedicate more time to building human relationships. AI-powered intelligence delivers emotionally relevant recommendations for personalised care, faster resolutions, and increased customer satisfaction.

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Transform the employee experience using AI to deliver actionable insights and practical recommendations. Leaders receive data-driven strategies to enhance engagement, productivity, and loyalty, fostering a workplace where employees feel valued and aligned with company objectives.

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Enhance your research with powerful generative AI, delivering deeper insights and clear actions for each study. Reduce costs, expand your knowledge base, and grow revenue through informed, strategic decisions across product development and marketing, all backed by exceptional data quality and intelligent insights and analytics.

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