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Qualtrics Evidence of Insurance

Electronic Certificates of Insurance (e-COI)

In order to simplify business for our customers and business partners and to reduce the overall impact on the environment, we do not issue individual certificates of insurance but instead rely on the new industry standard–an electronic certificate of insurance (e-COI). The purpose of this website is to provide 24-hour access to Qualtrics’ evidence of insurance.

Qualtrics is often requested by outside parties to provide evidence of corporate insurance coverage. Examples of situations where Qualtrics may be required to provide evidence of insurance are as follows:

  • Using a non-Qualtrics location to host an event
  • Leasing or renting equipment, motor vehicle(s), or real estate
  • Customer contracts

An e-COI doesn’t contain the certificate holder’s name, but is universally accepted as a legitimate substitute for a standard COI as evidence of coverage. Issuing and tracking certificates can take a lot of time and be quite expensive without adding value to any process. By utilizing e-COIs, Qualtrics provides evidence of insurance and meets terms of legally binding contracts and agreements.

Frequently asked questions

Please contact for assistance.
An electronic certificate of insurance (e-COI) provides information about a company’s insurance program in electronic format. This information includes policy numbers, limits, and insurance companies. e-COI and the information within it are subject to the terms and conditions stated therein.
Yes, e-COI is an acceptable method to evidence current policy coverage information.
An e-COI shows insurance information, just as a certificate of insurance does, however, it does not contain the holder’s name.
Yes, subject to website maintenance and information updates. Qualtrics will update the information on its website at the time of policy renewal.
Yes, you may print a copy or save a PDF version for your files.
Available to view at any time and reduces the paperwork, impact on environment, phone calls and faxes involved in obtaining paper certificates of Insurance.
Ratings are available through A.M. Best Company at Qualtrics does not guarantee the financial ratings of its insurance carriers.
If additional insured status is granted, it is done by endorsement to the policy. The terms of that coverage grant will vary by policy/carrier/endorsement. In such a case, the insured’s policy will dictate to what extent coverage is provided to you. An e-COI will indicate that the policies of insurance have been extended to provide additional insured status to a group of entities with whom the Insured does business. Look carefully at the additional information section of the e-COI for information regarding additional insured endorsements and other extensions to the policies of insurance.