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Unlock the power of customer voice: insights from Electrolux

Global appliance brand Electrolux had a goal. They wanted to gather meaningful customer feedback and translate it into outstanding customer experience. But being such a huge, siloed organisation presented a challenge…

To find out how Electrolux leveraged the voice of the consumer to drive their CX, tune in to our XM Exchange Forum with Carmen Wrona, Head of Digital Services and Knowledge Management at Electrolux Europe.

You’ll discover how:

  • Electrolux turned siloed customer feedback into a 360 view of their customer journey
  • The power of collaboration fuelled CX improvements
  • Social Connect and XM Discover played a pivotal role in Electrolux’s ambition

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Picture of Carmen Wrona

Carmen Wrona

Head of Digital Services and Knowledge Management Europe, Electrolux

Carmen started her career in marketing and has over 10 years’ experience in consumer experience and self-service management. At Electrolux, she manages all digital support services from a central perspective, working closely with the local markets. Carmen is a strong supporter of data-based decision-making with the voice of the consumer being the core for driving actions.

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