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Actavo + Qualtrics

Empowering employees to deliver exceptional experiences



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Global Customer Centricity Award


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Customer experience is at the cornerstone of Actavo’s service delivery model. That’s because in the engineering industry, it’s experiences that will set companies apart - not products, not price. In its own words, Actavo wants to deliver memorable experiences through front-line teams - every single day. To get there, it relies on Qualtrics to analyse customer feedback at scale, and then empower its people to take action. It’s that simple. And it’s started translating into higher loyalty

How Actavo delivers for its customers

Listening to Customer feedback to truly understand the customer’s perspective

Customer-centricity starts and ends with customer listening. With Qualtrics, Actavo is able to analyse feedback and translate it into actionable insight. Thanks to text analytics, it goes beyond simple 0-10 scoring, to digging into real customer sentiment and emotion.

Hearing what’s working and what isn’t from employees

Who knows how to deliver frontline service better than…your frontline staff? Actavo knows it, and that’s why it uses Qualtrics to gather feedback from employees on what’s blocking them from delivering great CX – and how it can be fixed.

Turn complaints into opportunities to amaze

Some brands see unhappy customers as lost causes. Actavo sees them as opportunities to do better. With Qualtrics, it’s able to track issues, develop an action plan, then monitor progress until the issue is resolved and the customer has gone from a detractor, to a promoter.

Why Qualtrics

Connect customer and employee experience

Qualtrics gives Actavo the ability to bring its employee and customer experience together – on a single platform – to design and improve experiences for all of its stakeholders.

Enable a culture change across organisation

Data and spreadsheets don’t help anyone. Qualtrics is a system of action, a platform that enables frontline staff to share feedback and see improvements, and for customers to voice their opinion and enjoy better experiences.

Turn insights into action

Powerful text analytics turns vast amounts of customer data into more than just graphs and charts. It turns it into actions. The platform generates clear suggestions to improve, and enables you to track improvements end-to-end. 

Ann-Marie O’Donnell

Ann-Marie O’Donnell

Customer Strategy Director

Every interaction, no matter how small, is an opportunity to create something remarkable. Qualtrics turns that vision into a reality and enables our employees to deliver experiences that make us stand out.

About Actavo
With a workforce of over 2,000 values-driven professionals, Actavo helps its clients deliver vital infrastructure internationally, with a relentless focus on safety and excellence. It’s an international strategic operations partner, offering a multitude of services across different sectors to our many valued clients. In operation over 50 years, Actavo’s roots are in a number of businesses that came together in 2015 under the Actavo brand.



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