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Arkema + Qualtrics

How chemicals giant Arkema reviewed 37 of its websites

Arkema achieved


Number of websites using Site Intercept

Insights are driving Arkema’s website redesign

Surveys are specific to websites and personas


When your brand owns a number of different websites, it’s a huge challenge to understand how your digital content is performing and whether your customers are finding the information they need. Arkema faced this very challenge when it embarked on a total review of its digital estate, all in preparation for a website redesign.

How Arkema closed the experience gap

Discovering if customers could find what they want
Arkema used Site Intercept at two different points to get user feedback. On desktop, a popup question asked the user whether they’d answer a survey once they’d finished on the website; if they answered yes, they’d get the survey when they tried to close the website. On mobile, a popup notification told the user there was a feedback button at the bottom of the screen if they wanted to share their thoughts.

Combining operational and experience data
Arkema combined data gathered during a user’s visit – eg which pages they’d visited and for how long – with the user’s own feedback. This allowed Arkema to contextualise user feedback and get a much clearer idea of strengths and weaknesses across its websites.

Identifying areas for improvement
By asking customers about their experience on the website, Arkema was able to pinpoint what needed to improve. Search functionality came up again and again, so the team have made that a big priority in their upcoming redesign. The team also used key driver analysis to compare the performance of its website features, versus what users said was most important for them – in other words, to find out which improvements would have the biggest impact.

Working out what different customers think
Arkema have a wide range of customer personas – from investors, to those looking for specific product information. So a one-size-fits-all survey just won’t do – instead, Arkema’s survey included many different triggers and display logics depending on the website and who’s visiting.


All in one place
With one dashboard to monitor and analyse survey responses, it’s much easier to identify problem areas and prioritise improvements. It’s also easier to build new surveys quickly and get to insights faster.

Gamified data
“It’s like playing with the data,” says Lucas. He loves being able to drill down into website-specific feedback, or segment by different customer personas.

Easy to run
Arkema describes the platform as ‘perfect’ and haven’t had a need to work with our support team. But they’ve found our self-help guides really useful in getting the most out of the platform.

Advanced analysis
Arkema runs linear regression within the platform using the key driver success analysis. This helps them to compare the performance of website features versus how important they are to users.

The surveys helped us to identify pain points for each of our personas, and helped us to prioritise improvements across the entire user journey.




With analytics, you can see there’s an issue, but sometimes you don’t know why. Qualtrics has helped us understand ‘the why’, specific to our many customer personas.

Arkema is a global manufacturer of specialty chemicals and advanced materials, with 3 business segments: High Performance Materials, Industrial Specialties, and Coating Solutions. In 2017, it reported annual sales of 8.3 billion euros. The company operates in over 50 countries and employees nearly 20,000 people.





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