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Brussels Airlines + Qualtrics

How Brussels Airlines has made its social media customer service more efficient (and cheaper to run)



queries a day coming into Brussels Airlines’ social team


of queries deflected to chatbot, saving agents’ time


Airlines are no strangers to huge, external events completely disrupting their industry. And when things go wrong, people are quick to get in touch. More and more, though, customers are reaching out to an airline’s Twitter or Facebook account. Since 2016, there’s been a 350% increase in social media queries. Brussels Airlines uses Qualtrics to get smarter about how it handles each of them - routing basic queries to chatbots and canned responses, and only getting agents to deal with the most complex issues facing customers. The result? A huge increase in the total number of people served, alongside faster resolution times and lower call centre volumes.

Claudia Tluk

Claudia Tluk

Senior Manager Branding & Digital Marketing, Brussels Airlines

In times of crisis, there’s always a risk we can be overwhelmed by queries. Qualtrics helps us focus: we can funnel people to chatbots when it makes the most sense to do so, and continually optimise our canned responses. And we can get people who need to urgently rebook to an agent who can help them quickly and efficiently.



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