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Chobani + Qualtrics

“Qualtrics helps us be perfect in what we deliver to consumers.”

Chobani Achieved






In order to drive growth in the crowded and highly competitive food industry, you need to identify product opportunities that no other manufacturer has managed to identify. Chobani used Qualtrics Experience Management to bring innovative new products to the Australian market.

How do you build a brand people know and love?

The Qualtrics XM Platform is the foundation upon which Chobani’s product and brand experience strategies are built. Chobani is able to act on data captured by the platform to inform and guide decisions around concept and product development through to product design, communication and overall marketing strategy.
Working with Qualtrics the food manufacturer leaves no stone unturned in its efforts to deliver a holistic experience consumers know and love.

Understand the entire consumer experience

With Qualtrics XM, Chobani is able to launch user feedback surveys in seconds, and capture responses at every stage of the product lifecycle to optimize offerings and services. Concept testing, user experience, and product specifications influence item design and delivery, while segmentation helps Chobani meet the unique and diverse needs of Australian consumers.
Being able to understand the entire product experience through a single system of action allows Chobani to test a significant variety of product variations, while accelerating and streamlining the research process. This means tried and tested products can be quickly launched. Chobani’s dedication to delivering a great product experience is apparent as year on year Chobani continues to be recognized as one of the top suppliers by leading Australian retailers.

Innovate with impact

Experience data captured through the Qualtrics platform helps Chobani understand which consumers buy their product and their drivers for doing so, as well gaps not being served by the market. Inspired by these insights Chobani is able to tailor marketing and advertising programs for maximum impact. For example, a regional spike in sales of Chobani’s “Flip” range could be attributed to a local TV campaign in the area.
Being able to rapidly identify experience gaps is a significant driver of innovation at Chobani. Uncovering consumer trends, such as common reasons for skipping breakfast, or the desire for high protein options and healthy snacks, is helping build entire new product lines not only at Chobani, but across all yogurt manufacturers.

Chobani is making better food for more people



Senior Brand Manager

The speed, breadth, and agility of the Qualtrics Experience Management Platform helps Chobani deliver a great customer experience from start to finish.

Chobani was founded in the US in 2005, with the belief that people have great taste; they just need great options. It is this belief that brought Chobani to Australia—home to a nation of people passionate about food and some of the best milk in the world. Since its national launch in Australia in 2012, Chobani has become Australia’s fastest growing yogurt brand, reshaping the Australian yogurt category with a yogurt uniquely crafted using an authentic straining process.





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