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Decathlon + Qualtrics

How Decathlon is winning the race for better customer experience

Decathlon achieved


reduction in survey setup time


the number of survey respondent dropouts


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Through its 1,400 stores around the world - including nearly 50 in the UK - Decathlon does everything in its power to satisfy its entire ecosystem. Maintaining a close relationship with its customers is part of Decathlon’s DNA. Created 10 years ago, the Connaissance Clients Utilisateurs (CCU) collects and analyses customer data from a broad spectrum of people. However, when the team’s research platform became obsolete, the quality of its data started to plummet. Decathlon turned to Qualtrics to turn things around and make customers a bigger part of the company’s decision-making process.

How Decathlon Is Designing And Improving Customer Experiences

    Increase in customer commitment

With higher-quality surveys and a lower dropout rate, Decathlon is able to distribute its surveys to 20-30% fewer people – while still getting data it can rely on. This reduces the risk of over-surveying customers, and improves the overall credibility of the CCU.

    Improved productivity

Since the team started using the Qualtrics platform, the setup time for a survey has been halved. The intuitiveness of the tool is particularly appreciated, and team members don’t need dedicated training to use the platform as Qualtrics’ online support helps them solve the majority of issues.

    Increased survey participation rate

The response rate to the questionnaires has increased considerably. Before using Qualtrics, 30% of respondents wouldn’t finish their survey. Now, fewer than 15% of people don’t answer all of the questions.

Why Qualtrics?

Ease of use
The XM Platform is easy to use thanks to the intuitiveness and practicality of the survey building tools. And advanced programming capability allows questionnaires to be produced in extremely accurate formats.

Data accessibility
Qualtrics integrates easily with Decathlon’s customer databases. Optimising the format of the questionnaires gives the CCU team the assurance that their surveys will reach their destination, and not end up in junk mail.

More attractive graphics and visual capabilities
Qualtrics makes it possible to produce questionnaires that are much more pleasant to read and to answer, with plenty of options for more modern, attractive surveys.

Thibault Rénier

Thibault Rénier

Marketing Insight Manager CCU

Thanks to the fact you can distribute Qualtrics surveys by email, we’re able to collect more reliable data from a larger number of respondents. And with more visually appealing and easy-to-complete surveys, we’ve been able to increase the level of trust and involvement of our customers, and to integrate them even better into our decision-making process.

Decathlon, a leading company in the sports market, brings together two activities: the creation of sports products and their online and in-store distribution. Based on an integrated model, Decathlon controls all stages of the life of its products: from research and development to sales, including design, production and logistics. Present in France and internationally with more than a thousand points of sale, the service, brand and store teams have been working since 1976 with a constant ambition: to innovate in all areas to remain the main playing partner of all athletes.



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