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Engie + Qualtrics

How Engie’s research team is enabling the company to run an agile CX program



day to get results, versus 6-8 weeks previously


success rate closing the loop with detractors


In the race to deliver low-carbon energy solutions, the agile way of working in Engie’s Belgian Marketing & Sales entity is helping the organisation stay ahead of competitors. But to feed that constant iteration and growth, the company has an enormous appetite for fast, actionable customer feedback. That’s where the company’s market research centre of expertise comes in. It’s integrated Qualtrics into a suite of tools and its CRM to gather feedback at speed and generate results in hours, not days. All of which enables customer service teams around Engie to close experience gaps and turn detractors into promoters.

How Engie designs and improves customer experiences

Listening to customers across their journey

Engie’s research team tracks relational NPS and customer satisfaction in general, but also gathers customer feedback at different key touchpoints -including after a job is completed. That combination enables it to run a truly comprehensive CX program -it’s able to look at the big picture with dashboards tracking overall CX performance, as well as employ ticketing to solve issues on a micro level.

Making feedback accessible to the people that need it

PowerPoints go out of date the moment they’re sent out. Which is why Engie’s research team uses live, real-time dashboards to share customer feedback with the people who can act on it. And the feedback from those teams is wholly positive, with visualisations making it easier to see how they’re performing and what they can do to improve.

Enabling teams to take action quickly

Because feedback is collected quickly and it’s easy to access, Engie’s customer service teams can follow up with detractors quickly and efficiently. And by closing the loop with dissatisfied customers, teams can turn 70% of detractors into neutral customers or promoters, translating into revenue increases.

Why Qualtrics

DIY research at speed
It’s quick and easy for the Engie team to create its own research projects on Qualtrics, enabling the research team to help its stakeholders make data-led decisions.
“With Qualtrics we can present data in an attractive way,” says Jessica, “and we’re getting much positive feedback on this approach from our stakeholders.”
Action planning
The ability to turn feedback into action has a positive impact on Engie’s year-on-year loyalty levels and, ultimately, it’s overall revenue.

Jessica Hellings

Jessica Hellings

Manager Customer & Competitive Insights

With Qualtrics, we can receive a request on a Monday and deliver results back by Friday. That is a huge competitive advantage in an industry where customer experience is everything.

Engie is the global leader in low-carbon energy and services. Together with its 170,000 employees, customers, partners and stakeholders, it’s committed to accelerate the transition towards a carbon-neutral world, through reduced energy consumption and more environmentally-friendly solutions. Inspired by its purpose, it reconciles economic performance with a positive impact on people and the planet, building on its key businesses (gas, renewable energy, services) to offer competitive solutions to customers.






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