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Mastercard + Qualtrics

“We’ve established ourselves as the industry experts within the company”



increase in overall customer satisfaction (OSAT) for Billing


increase in OSAT thanks to Mastercard Connect

Connected teams & resources through a single centre of excellence


From inconsistent experiences to poor research insights, data silos get in the way of any organisation’s attempts to be customer-driven. But while we all know that unifying data capture lays the foundation for good customer experience (CX), breaking silos down can be daunting — especially for larger organisations.

How did Mastercard close opportunities, achieve consistency, and connect CX across the organisation?

Mastercard’s customer insight team knew there were opportunities, but closing them had proved difficult. Across the organisation, data and insights belonged to different teams and the whole approach to CX had become fragmented.

Their vision was to implement a solution that centralised CX, enabling teams to connect the dots and uncover customer moments of truth, drive self-service, and develop a company-wide culture focused on customer satisfaction. And for that, they turned to Qualtrics.

“It wasn’t that customer experience (CX) programs weren’t happening — it’s that it was happening in silos across the organisation. When we all came together, we realised that centralising our CX was key to moving forward, and decided to make that a reality.” — Shonelle Price, Director of Customer Intelligence

Laying the foundation

Alignment across business functions and teams, as well as a clear CX strategy, are the cornerstones of success — and the customer insight team knew they had to start there.

They had to cater to a lot of different stakeholders, creating journey maps and establishing the different moments that matter for both B2B and B2C.

On the B2B side, Mastercard embedded solutions to support customer service, implementation and delivery teams. This included improved issue resolution and an enhanced self-service portal (Mastercard Connect). They also deployed an internal resource hub to support teams and enterprise-wide dashboards to ensure customer feedback is always front of mind.

As for B2C, Mastercard uses Qualtrics to automatically capture contact information from third-party vendors — meaning no need to configure new APIs. This sped up vendor onboarding and improved data quality significantly. It also consolidated product sign-up surveys, simplifying the process for customers and freeing up contact centre resources. Teams also have access to customer feedback dashboards that show them what’s going well and what to improve.

Creating an inspiring culture around CX

Overall customer satisfaction (OSAT) and customer effort are two of the customer insight team’s main metrics — but the challenge was getting everyone to understand what they meant.

“Baby steps,” as Shonelle Price describes them, were a huge part of the strategy. This meant explaining the program to key teams, from terminology and objectives to the technology in play.

By working closely with key stakeholders and partners across the organisation, the customer insight team redefined what customer success looks like, and it paid off.

With OSAT scores improving across the board, adoption soared. The entire organisation embraced the new CX program, using it as the North Star for their goals and strategies, and the customer insight team set objectives to increase OSAT by a certain percentage each year.

What’s more is that product, marketing, and customer service teams now leverage the insights, enabling Mastercard to better develop new products and renovate existing ones, ultimately meeting and exceeding customer expectations.

The customer insight team’s approach to CX strategy has been nothing short of transformational — and with the application of technology, culture, and processes, they’ve redefined how they operate and improved outcomes for their customers and teams alike.

Without question, Mastercard is all about putting the customer at the centre of everything, and with Qualtrics, it continues to realise its vision.



Vice President

Over the past five years, the adoption of Qualtrics has blown up — and we’ve established ourselves as the industry experts within Mastercard. It’s the tool that folks now use if they need to run a quick survey or understand customer feedback.

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