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Create a sustainable customer-centric culture using CX-EX journey mapping

1 December 2022 // 9.30am CET // SAP Svenska AB

Join this live CX-EX Journey Mapping Masterclass, coming to you in Stockholm, to learn how to build a culture that enables employees to deliver incredible customer experiences.


It can sometimes feel as though your customers and employees are on completely separate journeys. One experiencing your brand from the outside, the other from the inside. But when your employees are disconnected from the people they’re serving, how can they deliver exceptional experiences? And when you don’t think about what your employees are going through, how can customer-centricity be more than a buzzword?

In 2022, brands can’t afford to lose sight of the interconnectedness of their employees and customers. Especially with more employees suffering burnout and looking to quit, and consumers able to switch brands in seconds after a poor experience.

In this workshop, we’ll explore how you build meaningful links between employees and customers using journey mapping. And you’ll leave with a way forward to building a culture that enables employees to deliver incredible customer experiences (and want to stick around a long time to do it).

During this interactive workshop, we’ll cover:

  • Building employee and customer user personas

  • Creating employee and customer journey maps

  • Identifying the moments that matter and intersection points

  • Using journey mapping to design new experiences

  • Showing the ROI of connecting employees and customers

  • Using design thinking principles to influence both revenue and cost to serve


1st December 2022

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9:30am – 14:30 CET


SAP Svenska AB, Sveavägen 44 S – 111 34 Stockholm, Sweden