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X4 2024 On Demand

Get inspired by the latest
innovations in XM

Hear from the world's most beloved brands and industry
experts as they explore the future of experience management
and the technologies redefining experiences at scale.

Announced at X4_

Reimagining XM with AI

Qualtrics CEO Zig Serafin announces new AI-powered technologies to deliver humanised intelligence at scale.

Inside Look_

Product keynotes


Brad Anderson_

New AI-powered innovations to enhance experience management

Qualtrics' President of Products, UX, Engineering, and Ecosystem demonstrates the potential of Qualtrics AI to tap into every customer and employee interaction to unlock actionable insights.


Employee Experience_

How AI is empowering managers to improve EX

Get a first look at new innovations that will help you listen to employees, understand their needs, and empower every manager in the organisation to improve engagement, loyalty, and productivity.


Customer Experience_

Delivering CX to drive unwavering customer loyalty

Check out new CX innovations, powered by Qualtrics AI, to help you design and deliver customer experiences that drive unwavering loyalty in care, digital, and frontline locations.


Strategy & Research _

SR innovations to scale and shape research programs

Explore how new innovations in XM for Strategy & Research will help you scale world-class market research, product development, UX, and more to design the experiences customers want next.

Learn more_

Guides and demos


Employee Experience_

Elevating employee adoption of AI through human connection

The scale of AI innovation is unlike anything we’ve seen. In this new guide, we break down how AI is revolutionising EX and what people leaders need to know.


Customer Experience_

Understanding AI: Your real-world CX playbook

AI is everywhere, but what is the best way to use it? This new guide will cover four steps to best implement AI to make customer experiences more human.


Strategy & Research_

From data to decisions: The power of AI in market research

It can be difficult to keep up with new AI innovations for market research. We’ve created a new guide on three key applications of AI, complete with use cases.



Text Analytics Insights and Recommendations

Transform millions of data points across the business into actionable themes and narratives with Qualtrics AI.

coversational_feedback_mobile (1)


Conversational Feedback

Transform low-quality responses into rich, actionable data with adaptive follow-up questions that deliver the depth of insight you need.



Frontline Locations Assist

Empower your frontline staff with location-specific insights and decrease their time spent closing the loop with Qualtrics AI.



Manager Assist

Empower all your people managers with AI-guided advice to quickly understand and act on their team’s lived experiences.



Customer Care Assist

Automatically analyse calls for quality and compliance and develop personalised coaching plans for agents in minutes.

Don't Miss_

Even more expert insights


Customer Experience_

Creating iconic experiences across 7500 worldwide locations

Hear how Hilton ensures the customer experience lives up to its brand promise around the world.


Customer Experience_

A path to growth: Learn the lessons of upside-down management

CEO James Timpson, on how investing in your employees not only makes for happy staff and customers but drives transformative business results.


Customer Experience_

X4 Keynote from AI-expert Rahaf Harfoush

New York Times best-selling author and strategist Rahaf Harfoush explains how we can harness the latest AI technology to collaborate in new ways.


Customer Experience_

Panel discussion with YOOX Net-a-Porter, Belron and Burberry

Hear how YOOX Net-a-Porter, Belron and Burberry are using audience insights to design customer experiences that foster loyalty and drive growth.


Customer Experience_

Panel discussion with Nestle & Mercer

Hear how Nestle and Mercer are driving innovation and empowering their HR leaders and people teams to help steer organisational strategies and growth.


Customer Experience_

How data helps Hilton make the stay

Learn about how Hilton uses data to enable its frontline and corporate Team Members to “Make it Right” before, during, and after every customer stay.


Customer Experience_

Using experience to become the insurer of choice around the world

Find out how continuous listening and action management enables Allianz Commercial to focus and improve on what matters most to their customers.


Customer Experience_

Insights to impact: unlocking the power of holistic EX design

Hear how Bosch is utilising real-time feedback to elevate experiences at scale, take meaningful action and empower its 425,000-strong workforce.


Customer Experience_

Effective decision making in the age of urgency using research

Quick decisions backed by data are the backbone of successful organisations whether the focus is on future products or experience choices.

See how Qualtrics AI drives humanised intelligence at scale