Personalising the customer experience

The modern consumer expects personalisation as standard

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of consumerswant brands tounderstand them better 81%

62% of people want to receive personalised offers or discounts based on what they’ve bought before

And a majority of consumers are ready to share personal data to get it

52% 53% 57% Personalised offers or discounts Product recommendations Personalised shopping experiences 0 60

It’s more than just knowing their name

Only 8% of consumers are more likely to engage with a brand that addresses them by their first name

78%of marketers saythey only use first namepersonalisation tocustomise messages while

Personalisation makes people spend more and be more loyal

Asset 6 Average ordervalue increases5% withpersonalisation and conversionrates increase6% withpersonalisation 49% 44% JUST FOR YOU JOE

To deliver personalised CX, first you need to understand the moments that matter to your customers.

Discover what your customers want with journey mapping

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