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How CX for Account Management helps create more profitable B2B relationships

With the complexity and value of B2B accounts, delivering on customer expectations is essential. Success isn’t just the “sell.” It’s the entire customer journey experience. CustomerXM for Account Management helps improve revenue and retention, with the right action at the right time.

CustomerXM for Account Management empowers sales and customer success teams by combining CRM customer profile data and client feedback in a single, aggregated view. This solution helps every employee focus their time and activities on the biggest opportunities to win.

In this brief demo, you will preview how to:

  • Increase sales conversion and revenue with powerful analytics that tell you which accounts are primed for upsell/cross-sell

  • Improve retention with customer churn predictions that flag at-risk accounts and recommend the actions to take to save them

  • Increase productivity and time management by knowing exactly where to focus sales efforts to accelerate time-to-close

  • Close experience gaps across the entire account journey with complete transparency at every level of your sales org

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Picture of Georgina Ledward

Georgina Ledward

Principal Sales Engineer, Qualtrics

Georgina is focused on helping customers visualise how Qualtrics XM can offer innovative and unique ways to bring the customer or employee experience into the focus of all decisions taken within their organisation. Georgina has been helping customers realise how technology can transform their working practices for a number of years - showcasing specific capabilities to effectively align with unique customer requirements.

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