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Create more actionable insights with employee journey analytics

From the moment employees consider joining your organization, right through to their exit, they encounter a myriad of impactful experiences. But organisations regularly fail to understand how all of the employee journeys, such as onboarding and performance reviews, fully impact key outcomes such as engagement and well-being.

As organisations evolve toward more modern experience management practices, companies will fill these insights gaps by embracing employee journey analytics.

Watch this webinar to learn about:

  • The 5 essential steps for tapping into employee journey analytics

  • How organizations are using analytics to create actionable insights and inform business decisions

  • Tips for success as you build out your employee journey analytics capabilities

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Picture of Matt Evans

Matt Evans

Senior Employee Experience Product Scientist, Qualtrics

Matt is a Senior Employee Experience Product Scientist at Qualtrics. In his role, he develops employee feedback solutions for employers. In addition to developing solutions, Matt frequently advises senior HR and IT leaders at some of the world’s largest organisations on how to use employee feedback to drive change.

Picture of Shannon Dilges

Shannon Dilges

Employee Experience Product Manager, Qualtrics

Shannon is a Product Manager in our Employee Experience (EX) team at Qualtrics. He focuses on building technology for companies to understand and act on the personal experience of each individual in an organisation along their journey as an employee, from their training, development, well-being & rewards.

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