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Decoding the 5 trends reshaping employee experience in 2024

Ill-equipped frontlines. AI encroaching on jobs. The honeymoon phase at a new job is over.

And at the heart of all these changes? A desire to be heard and understood in a new and previously unexplored way.

We asked 37,000 employees across the globe, including over 13,000 across Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, about what they want from work in 2024 — and 5 key priorities for leaders, CHROs and people managers have emerged.

In this session, our workplace psychologists decode the findings from our 2024 Employee Experience Trends report and share practical, actionable tips on how you can refine and optimise your employee experience strategy to drive people and business results.

In this webinar learn

  • The 5 trends reshaping employee experience

  • What this means in Europe, the Middle East and Africa

  • What your employees want from you in 2024, why, and how to act on the insights

  • Specific approaches to ensure you can apply the findings across your organisation

  • The challenges other leaders are facing and opportunities with an end-of-session Q&A

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Picture of Sarah Marrs

Sarah Marrs

Director, Employee Experience Strategy Execution

Sarah is responsible for Employee Experience Strategy Execution at Qualtrics. To help some of the world’s largest organisations manage and evolve their employee feedback programs, Sarah’s work involves designing and implementing good practices into the Qualtrics product as well as go-to-market and delivery services, both for current and future innovations.

Picture of Simon Daly

Simon Daly

EX Strategy Director

With several years of experience in the field of Culture and Employee Engagement, Simon's main areas of expertise revolve around thought leadership and measurement tools to help deliver on People Strategies such as survey design, management and interpretation.

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