How B2B giant Grundfos delivers exceptional CX

Grundfos has a long and proud tradition of gathering customer feedback. But acting on that feedback had become a much greater challenge in recent years, as more of its work was on digital channels and its customer touchpoints ballooned to 145,000 per day. They worked with Qualtrics to gather feedback at every touchpoint and deliver B2B customer experience that surpassed anything its customers had seen before.

With our annual survey, we only find out about dissatisfied customers when it’s too late. This damages customer relationships and, over time, we risk losing them.

Abdul Dezkam, Lead Insights Specialist, Grundfos

How Grundfos closed the experience gap

Focusing on what drives customer satisfaction

From their annual surveys, Grundfos saw that what made customers unhappy was not giant CX disasters – instead, it was small, disappointing interactions with the company, at various moments along the customer journey. So instead of waiting for dissatisfaction to show itself at the end of the year, Grundfos started to survey its customers at every touchpoint.

Getting fast feedback at every touchpoint

With 600,000 customers around the world, it was an enormous undertaking to measure performance at every touchpoint – from sales visits, to website visits. But with Qualtrics, Grundfos is able to get feedback quickly and know right away when things have gone wrong – and the reason why.

Closing the loop with dissatisfied customers

By measuring feedback at every touchpoint, Grundfos is able to follow up with unhappy customers and turn detractors into promoters. One of Grundfos’ sales team is notified whenever a customer gives bad feedback on any aspect of the customer experience. That salesperson gets in touch with the customer to see what can be done to improve their situation.

Meeting customers’ expectations – and surpassing them

Grundfos know that its customers’ main requirement is ease of doing business. They want the basics done correctly – that includes a simple buying process and a product that works as advertised. But when Grundfos went one step beyond that to close the loop with unhappy customers, they were surprised to find that its customers weren’t getting this kind of fantastic CX from other suppliers. And it meant it was a differentiator for them in the crowded B2B space.

We had a customer tell us they couldn’t find product information on our website. Within hours, one of our sales team had contacted them and solved their issue. And we actually turned that interaction into a sale for a big tunnelling project.

Abdul Dezkam, Lead Insights Specialist, Grundfos


- average rating increase across all touchpoints


follow ups with dissatisfied customers


larger growth rate with happy customers vs unhappy ones

Why Qualtrics?

Easy for 1 person to manage

Grundfos was able to kick off its CX program with a team of 1, thanks to Qualtrics’ self-service platform and data that’s easy to analyse and turn into actions.

Online and offline surveys

Grundfos’ customers go through a variety of online and offline touchpoints, so the company needed a platform that allowed them to gather and compare feedback from across many different channels.

Shareable insights

Every team member has access to relevant dashboard – the first time many of Grundfos’ employees have had access to customer feedback, and had the opportunity to act on it themselves.

Country and global views

With Qualtrics, Grundfos can gather feedback at every point in its customer journeys and identify what needs to improve, at both a national and a global level.

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Grundfos is a global manufacturer of water pumps, operating in 65 countries and employing over 19,000 people. Each year, they produce around 16 million pump units, as well as the electric motors that power them. Since its start in 1945, the company has believed in the value of collecting customer feedback and being truly customer-centric.