How the global leader in payment solutions understands its customers

If you’re not familiar with the name Ingenico, you’ve almost certainly used one of the company’s 30 million payment terminals or online payment solutions when you’ve bought something in-store, online or on your mobile. As the world’s leader in seamless payment, it uses an annual survey to gather customer feedback and identify where it needs to make improvements. All with the goal of delighting their customers, increasing loyalty and building partnerships.

We’re committed to being a customer-centric company that acts on its customers’ feedback - whether they be small merchants or giant global brands. Qualtrics enables us to do this.

Stephanie Chane Chick Te, Customer Experience Manager

How Ingenico closed the experience gap

Closing the loop with detractors

When Ingenico sees one of its customer is a detractor, the customer support team springs into action. And if the customer says they’re likely to stop working with Ingenico soon, one of the sales team gets in touch immediately to check what can be done to turn the situation around.

Reinforcing loyalty with happy customers

Ingenico doesn’t just get in touch with unhappy customers. It also makes sure to thank promoters. By doing so, it makes its most loyal customers feel even more recognised.

Strengthening a customer-centric mindset

Ingenico empowers each employee with data, resources and enough autonomy to take action, all in order to provide better customer experience.

Making CX a cross-functional responsibility

Ingenico’s core CX team is made up of representatives from across Ingenico, including sales, customer support and product development. Meaning that the whole company feels connected to its CX mission.

By linking Qualtrics to our CRM, we can create triggers to contact customers based on their feedback. That means we can follow up with detractors and thank our promoters.

Stephanie Chane Chick Te, Customer Experience Manager


Customers surveyed annually

Covering both of Ingenico’s global business units

All departments bought in to program

Why Qualtrics?

Easy to manage and scalable CX platform

Ingenico can run its CX program with a small central team thanks to Qualtrics’ self-service platform, plus the AI-powered iQ suite of products that makes anyone a statistician pro.

Survey customisation and branding

Ingenico sends its survey to over 100,000 customers, so it’s essential that the survey has its branding. That’s easy with simple survey editing tools.

Easy CRM integration

Ingenico integrates customer feedback in Salesforce to give an up-to-date view on a customer’s health. This allows sales representatives to get a 360-view of their customers and anticipate any risk to business development.

Powerful reporting tool

Real-time insights can be shared across the organisation, with role- or department-based filtering. Dashboards are easy to share and give a real-time understanding of the current situation.

Ingenico is the global leader in payment solutions, powering commerce across in-store, online and mobile channels. It boasts the world’s largest payments acceptance network, and is a trusted partner for both small merchants and giant global brands. As of 2019, it operates in over 170 countries and employs over 8,000 people.