How Three Ireland achieved record levels of customer satisfaction

Three Ireland started working with Qualtrics in 2014, shortly after the telecommunications giant had acquired O2. After a procurement process in which we beat out 2 incumbent vendors, we worked side by side with Three to implement a truly comprehensive CX program. The result? Today, Three Ireland has its highest ever customer intention to stay and CX metrics have gone up every month since 2014.

Working with Qualtrics, we’ve been able to build a fuller picture of our customer experience. We’ve moved away from only service-related testing, to also understand our customers at other key points in their journey.

Justin Conry, Head of Transformation, Three Ireland


A full view of the customer experience

Three Ireland embarked on a 18-month process to embed CX across the organisation, from setting up teams to mapping out end-to-end customer journeys. They worked closely with our Customer Success team to build out the program, identify the right metrics, and get important teams and stakeholders onside.

Moving away from service-related testing

Initially, Three Ireland were measuring CSAT and NPS at customer contact centres. But they worked closely with our Customer Success team to go beyond purely service-related testing to look at every moment in the customer journey. From becoming a Three Ireland customer, to using the service and contract renewal.

Optimising happy and unhappy journeys

For Three Ireland, it was important to dig into unhappy journeys like making a complaint. They wanted to understand how customers engaged with them and how they could do a better job of meeting customers’ expectations and closing the loop with dissatisfied customers.

We’ve achieved record high levels of customer intention to stay, but one of my proudest achievements is making CX a top-tier metric for us as an organisation.

Justin Conry, Head of Transformation, Three Ireland

Highest-ever customer intention to stay


NPS increase year on year from 2017 to 2018

CX is one of the main organisational KPIs

The engaging and collaborative partnership that Qualtrics offers has enabled the Customer Experience programme at Three to thrive. Through the use of Qualtrics’ innovative products, we have gained valuable insights and made significant enhancements to better understand our customers.

Jenny Wilson, Customer Experience Manager, Three Ireland


Easy-to-use dashboards and app

Three Ireland was impressed by our technology offering, especially the ability to manage all of its data on a single dashboard and generate reports quickly. It meant they could move faster from collecting data to acting on it, plus getting buy-in from around the organisation. And with our app, Three is able to put CX tools into every employee’s hands.


Of course, price was a consideration for Three Ireland – and in that respect Three Ireland preferred us over the competitors. Our easy-to-use platform meant taking control of data and spending less on consultancy and support.

The Customer Success model

Three Ireland wanted a partner in their CX journey, not just a vendor. Our Customer Success team fit the bill, and they worked side-by-side with Three Ireland to implement a CX program that suited the company’s structure and objectives.

Three Ireland is a telecoms and internet service provider in Ireland. As of late 2018, Three Ireland was the country’s second largest telecoms provider with 2 million customers. The company has 67 stores around Ireland and employs around 1,400 people.