How digital training provider Ynov finds out what its students think

Ynov is preparing France’s younger generation for the massive impact digital technology will have on all industries. But in order to equip its students for the challenges of the future, Ynov needs to understand in great detail what its students think of their education now. Plus, of course, its students need a platform to manage their own research as well.

At Ynov, there’s an imperative to survey our students and understand their opinions on our courses and teaching. At the same time we want to offer our students easy ways to gather the data they need for their courses

Charlotte Guillot, Task Officer in Educational Content, Ynov

How Ynov closed the experience gap

Collecting student feedback across all campuses

Ynov has 6 campuses across France. With Qualtrics, all surveys and responses can be managed from a single dashboard. It means data can be compared easily, and campuses’ strengths and weaknesses can be identified faster.

Improving student experience

With the feedback Ynov receives from its students, it’s able to make improvements to courses, campuses and teaching methods.

Supporting students to achieve more

As an institute that trains people to succeed in digital industries, Qualtrics’ is the perfect platform for students. It’s all online and enables students to run surveys quickly and easily, then analyse the results in granular detail.

Qualtrics is helping Ynov’s students, faculty and administrative staff to get better insights and make smarter data-driven decisions

Charlotte Guillot, Task Officer in Educational Content, Ynov


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Why Qualtrics?

Online software, no downloads

Ynov didn’t want its students and faculty to have to download any software. With Qualtrics, they don’t have to – they can access everything online, or through the app.

Unlimited surveys

Ynov has 4,200 students across France. All of them can create as many surveys as they want with Qualtrics – there’s no need to delete old surveys to create new ones.

Everything on 1 dashboard

For the Ynov administration, one of the best things about Qualtrics is the ability to administer surveys, collect responses and analyse data across campuses – all on one centralised platform.

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Ynov is the leading digital training provider in France, an educational institute focused on preparing people for the professions of the future. With 6 campuses around France, its students can take a variety of courses in areas such as IT, computer science, marketing, communication, video games, audiovisual production and design.