How to build a digital customer experience management program

Find out why digital has become the backbone of customer loyalty and how you can start to get a better understanding of all the key moments along the digital journey to optimise your digital experience
Understanding your digital touchpoints and how they affect consumer perception and loyalty is critical – in a recent study, we found over 65% of customers said that their experience on the website or app would be at least a very important factor in their willingness to recommend a brand. Mobile is an essential part of that – global mobile and tablet internet usage exceeded desktop use for the first time in 2016 (GS StatCounter, 2016) and we also see that 82% of consumers turn to mobile to help make a product decision (Google/Ipsos, 2015). But it’s not just your customers’ purchase decisions that are being driven by digital – it’s increasingly becoming the ‘go to’ place for post-sales interactions too with web or mobile self-service support usage now outranking speaking with an agent over the phone (Forrester, 2016). It is abundantly clear that these digital moments, across platforms are driving essential KPIs that will ultimately influence purchase, as well as retention. A digital-first – and within that, mobile-first even – mindset as part of your CX program design and management is more important than ever.

Understanding your consumers’ digital journey

Despite its increasing importance, many organisations still see the digital experience as a single event when, in reality, it consists of a multitude of different journeys, customer personas and end goals they’re trying to reach. For example, did a customer visit your site to buy something, leaving with a positive perception of your brand and ready to come back to buy more? Or did they come for support? Did the interaction inform their purchase decision at that very moment or where they simply conducting research before coming back to buy later or returning to buy offline? Understanding these journeys is critical. It involves identifying all the key moments of truth – moments of consumer/brand interaction that shape their perception and loyalty – along the digital journey whether it’s on your website or through your app. Once you have an understanding of these journeys and the key moments within them, you can start to layer in website or in-app feedback to diagnose problems and design improvements that will have the biggest impact on your KPIs. Building a world class optimisation program involves 3 key steps:
  • Track and diagnose potential high-level problems within your site or app experience
  • Dive deep into the key journeys to gain actionable insights
  • Target the right visitors at the right moment to optimise the experience

Ready to start optimising your digital experience?