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Connecting customer feedback from different channels

Consumers rarely interact with a brand through just one channel – so for a complete view of your customer experience, it’s essential to bring together all your key touchpoints. Find out how you can do it

Multiple channels, one journey

The same person will interact with many touchpoints as part of their customer journey.

For example, a customer wants to buy a new mobile phone. They research models online and perhaps visit a few review sites to see what others are saying. Then, they go into a store to take a closer look and to get advice from a sales assistant.

Then, they may buy the phone in the store, online or when they phone to talk about their contract renewal.

The customer journey takes place across multiple platforms both on and offline and with so many touchpoints, it follows that your customer experience program should monitor them all to understand how each one contributes to the experience.

After all, how do you know what was the key driver for the consumer in the example above in choosing to buy? It could have been the online reviews, but equally it could have been the service from the sales assistant in store.

Unless you’re consolidating your feedback from the various touchpoints, it’s almost impossible to say.

All your channels on one platform

In many organisations, the view of the customer experience is fragmented at best. You may have Google Analytics tracking your website visitors, a feedback kiosk in store and an SMS survey that follows up after a phone conversation.

When they’re all stored on different platforms, understanding the customer journey and what impacts the experience can be a time-consuming if not impossible task.

Bringing all your touchpoints into a single system starts with mapping out your customer journey – see our useful guide to building a customer journey

Once you’ve identified where customers and prospects are engaging with your organisation, you can start to collect feedback at each stage.

The right feedback from the right channels

Gathering feedback from multiple channels isn’t simply a case of serving the same survey at each stage – think about the nuances of each one before you start designing your customer experience surveys.

For example, in a store you might want to understand things like how the products are displayed or the friendliness of the staff. While after a phone conversation, you’ll probably want to know more about the personal interaction and how easily their issue was dealt with.

There are of course some things you’ll want to know at every stage, like measuring the customer NPS or CSAT score – this allows you to compare a CX metric consistently across touchpoints and start to identify which ones are performing best.

So make sure you design your CX program to adapt to different channels and ask questions that will help you not only identify what the overall CX metrics are, but also interrogate the key drivers at each stage.

This will allow you not only to take a customer-view and see how each touchpoint is driving the customer experience but also drill down at a journey level to identify improvements to impact the overall experience.

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