How to Refresh your Customer Experience Program

A great CX program never stops evolving. Here are 5 ways you can take yours to the next level.
  1. Move from transactions to journeys

    To really understand a customer’s experience, you need to be able to put purchases in context. A transaction is one small part of a bigger picture, and that picture is the customer journey. Before they even think about buying, a customer’s initial impression of your brand, the expectations set by competitors and any contact they make with your sales team all build towards the overall experience. The journey extends beyond the transaction too, with aftercare and product experience playing important roles. Ideally, the journey becomes a cycle, with loyal customers coming back to you again. With a deep understanding of each stage along the way, you have as many chances as possible to make sure that happens.

  2. Bring digital into your CX program

    Digital technology and data science isn’t just a nice to have – it’s the bread and butter of a good CX program. By investing in a platform that captures, unifies and analyses your customer data in a single system, you can not only save time and resources, but gain access to overarching insights and predictions that just wouldn’t be possible using manual processes.

  3. Review and improve your customer feedback surveys

    Are your surveys quick and easy to complete, or do they leave customers sighing with frustration or wondering how many more questions they have to complete? Your survey platform has a major role to play in helping improve the survey experience. An easy-to-use interface that’s available on a range of devices can help reduce abandonment rates and improve data quality. There’s also a lot you can do by improving your survey design. User-friendly tweaks like reducing the number of high-effort grid and matrix questions or cutting back on mandatory fields can keep customers clicking happily through your surveys, and enhancing the quality and volume of your data.

  4. Close the loop with dissatisfied customers

    If you’re collecting customer feedback, you’re aware of how satisfied your customers are and what you might be doing right and wrong. But why stop there? Asking for feedback from customers doesn’t just give you business intelligence. It gives you an opportunity to make meaningful connections with individuals and resolve problems, turning detractors into customers who have had a positive experience of your brand. Make a point of always closing the loop with unhappy respondents and you can expect to see positive results for your brand, increased confidence and ability in your staff as they learn from resolution experiences, and an uptick in customer loyalty.

  5. Anticipate your customer’s next move

    Predictive analytics tools use data to move you from reactively adapting to a customer’s actions, to proactively anticipating behaviors and taking steps to keep relationships on an even keel. The classic example is customer churn. Predict iQ assesses a range of metrics in relation to your customer, and reports the likelihood of them leaving. On top of that, it reveals the key drivers of churn behavior, so you not only know who you need to talk to, but what kind of retention strategy you need to apply.

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