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How to design an employee engagement survey

2 min read
Designing an an effective employee engagement survey needs careful thought to return the best possible results and data. Use our tips and template to create the most effective survey for your organisation.

Before you start

Here are some things to consider before you begin the task of designing your questionnaire:

  • Decide whose input you need to include
  • Decide whose input you don’t need, and manage expectations by explaining why you are not consulting them
  • Set clear deadlines and turnaround times right from the start
  • Ask participants to let you know upfront if they cannot meet the timeframe, so you can assign someone else
  • Establish one person for the final sign-off, and make it clear to everyone in the sign-off process that when they say it’s final, it’s final
  • Distinguish ‘nice to have’ questions from ‘must have’ questions
  • Avoid designing your survey by committee

Using our template

In line with the industry standard, our survey template uses a 5-point Likert scale: Strongly Agree to Strongly Disagree for all items.

We would recommend designing your engagement survey in the following way:

  • Engagement – these questions go at the front of your survey, and measure: pride in the organisation, motivation, advocacy for the organisation, intention to stay and job satisfaction.
  • Core themes – these ask about the conditions that might cause (or detract from) engagement with questions about: autonomy and empowerment, career progression, collaboration, communication, leadership, recognition, resources, strategy, management support and training and development.
  • Additional themes – you can see if any of these themes are critical to your organisation and, if so, add them in as well. Avoid throwing them all in, as they will probably make your survey too long, unfocused and difficult to engage with. Instead, cherry pick what you need, and use them for shorter surveys in the future, if necessary.

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