Employee Engagement: Convincing your HR Partners | Qualtrics UK

How to engage (and win over) HR business partners with your employee engagement program

Find out how to engage HR business partners and regional HR leads for a successful employee engagement program

In larger or multinational companies, HR business leaders or regional HR leads will be key in rolling out your survey and working with managers to implement the actions of the back of the feedback.

Here’s how to get the most out of them.

Why they’ll care

HR business partners and regional leads will focus on a particular area or region and so will care about engagement and want to support managers in in their particular unit.

If your employee engagement program is a high-profile initiative, they’ll want to be involved and visible and they’ll also want to see employees in their unit respond well. It’s also likely this group will be the first port-of-call for manager questions during the survey live period and results reporting.

How to use them

HR business partners tend to get involved during the administration, driving survey response rates and fielding questions from managers and teams.

During the reporting phase, they’ll be heavily involved in supporting managers, particularly those with lower survey scores and helping them to have conversations with their team.

HR business partners are the people on the ground who’ll be taking employee questions and supporting managers, so make sure they have the information and materials they need

What they’ll want to see

Again, the managers they work with will be their key focus. So they’ll want to make sure feedback is received positively and constructively and that they’re engaged in taking action on the survey feedback. During the administration phase, they’ll also want to drive high response rates from employees in their areas.

What keeps them up at night

A major concern for these stakeholders is potentially difficult conversations, particularly with managers whose teams had low scores.

They’ll also worry that they don’t have enough knowledge and input on the survey itself to field questions and advise managers on the engagement program as a whole.

As with most HR teams, they’ll also lose sleep over response rates, and they’ll worry about their teams not taking the survey seriously.

How to manage your HR business partners and regional leads

  • Education – give business partners all the information and tools they need to support managers

  • Keep up communications – give them a timeline and let them know when you expect their workload to be impacted and how so they can plan for it

  • Provide talk tracks so they feel comfortable communicating with managers and employees on everything from the goals of the survey, what will be done with the results and how the results will be seen

  • Get them started on action – give them practical guides and tips to taking action on survey results to get them started from looking at data to making positive changes