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Questions to ask in an exit interview survey

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A good exit survey will create simple, actionable data and insights that clearly point to areas you can work on to reduce unwanted attrition. Read for some quick tips and examples for creating your exit interview surveys.

Exit interview surveys also allow you to dissect data by performance levels, tenure and role. By providing departing employees the opportunity to give their honest feedback, you can gather valuable insights to improve the experience for future staff.

Different exit surveys will gather different types of feedback. Some ask for direct feedback on the person’s manager while others just ask about the role and reasons for leaving. Some even ask the manager for feedback on the employee concurrently, although this can create extra work for administrators.

Unlike an engagement survey where you deal with constructs built around employee attitudes, an exit survey should be much more practical and simple to design and interpret. If an exit survey isn’t clear to interpret you may want to consider redesigning your survey.

It can be useful to include a few open text fields in your survey too – often they elicit rich detail and nuances about an employee’s decision to leave compared to multiple choice questions.

While historically these have been difficult to turn into insights, text analytics software has come a long way in recent years. Natural language processing and sentiment analysis now allow you to automatically analyse tens of thousands of open text responses and create topics, themes and trends to allow you to spot patterns and interpret the data.

Key Themes to Measure in an Exit Interview

Every organisation will have their own needs when it comes to understanding why employees leave, but there are a number of major themes you’ll want to understand:

  • Reasons for leaving
  • Feedback about their role
  • Feedback about their manager
  • Feedback about their team
  • Feedback about the organisation as a whole
  • Whether they would still promote your organisation to others when they talk about you

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