Your guide to Employee Pulse surveys

There are plenty of different ways to gather feedback from your employees, and an employee pulse survey is becoming an increasingly popular one. Find out what a pulse survey is, how it works and how to design one

The term ‘pulse survey’ is often used to describe anything that isn’t an annual or bi-annual engagement survey. But in reality, what separates a pulse from other feedback mechanisms is that it introduces a new element – time.

Shorter than a traditional engagement survey, it tracks the same item over a period of time (eg quarterly) and allow you to link improvements in your metrics to the actions you’re taking as a team.

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Designing and distributing your employee pulse survey

Every pulse survey starts with having a goal and a KPI – and many organisations will have multiple pulse surveys, each with their own goal and KPI that they’re tracking over time.

Once you have this, you can start to design the question set, who you’re going to send the survey to and how you’re going to report on the results.

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Turning your pulse survey into actions

Gathering responses to your survey is just the start – its purpose is to collect data that informs the decisions you make as an organisation to put improvements in place.

Making that leap from survey to actions is essential, because it:

  • Keeps employees engaged because they see their feedback matters and has an impact

  • Drives improvements in the organisation – if your pulse survey is designed to achieve a goal and has a KPI attached to it, then taking the next step is the only way to make improvements. Otherwise it’s just data.

  • Helps to keep the leadership team on board as you can show how employee feedback is linked to improvements in the organisation

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