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SAP and Qualtrics International (Qualtrics) announced they have entered into a definitive agreement under which SAP SE intends to acquire Qualtrics.

It brings together the world’s leading operational data (O-data™) provider with Qualtrics, the world’s leading Experience Data (X-data™), to create the ultimate experience management solution. Together we’ll create breakthrough experiences that lead to breakthrough business results.

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With Qualtrics XM you can create, monitor and manage every experience on a single platform. Our robust suite of research and feedback tools makes it easy to gather X-data, and combine it with your O-data that we pull from your existing business systems such as HRIS, CRM and web analytics.

Our advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning helps uncover deep insights and makes connections between your customer, employee, product and brand experiences to help close experience gaps and drive value back to the bottom line.

The world’s most successful companies use XM to close experience gaps.

Connecting the X’s and O’s

Experience Data and Operational Data

For decades, businesses have depended on Operational Data (O-data) — hard numbers like costs, accounting, and sales — to inform their business decisions. But O-data only tells you what has happened — it doesn’t tell you why.

To understand why things happen, you need to understand the thoughts and emotions of the people involved. We call that information Experience Data (X-data).

Experience management software makes it possible for you to combine O-data and X-data to ensure that every business decision is based on both facts and the intangibles.

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