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Digital Employee Experience Software

Design and improve the digital employee experience for a more engaged, productive and thriving culture

The Qualtrics EmployeeXM™ platform helps organizations deliver exceptional digital employee experiences — from support chats to software — so employees are happy, empowered, and motivated to perform their best.

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of employees will work remotely permanently going forward


of technology leaders
have increased frequency of
employee listening


of employees say their
organization takes action
on feedback well

Diagram with XM platform at center, connected to experience data, telemetry data, data governance, and end-use metadata

The digital workplace has profound impacts on employee well-being, job satisfaction, and culture

Adapting investments to support work from anywhere requires continuous experience insights — so technology leaders can deliver empowering, connected, and collaborative experiences to the workforce.

Outcomes we deliver

  • Increase workforce productivity and technology satisfaction through continual employee experience management
  • Ensure employees are fully enabled with the products, services and experiences they need — whether they’re remote, in the office, or on the frontline
  • Optimize IT infrastructure, operations, and services spend to best support your people
  • Deliver successful projects and maximize the ROI of digital transformations to improve end-user adoption
  • Empower employees to better serve your customers
  • Raise employee trust in IT to foster a collaborative organizational culture

Empowering digital work experiences
starts on the XM platform

Get a 360-view of every
technology experience

Hear every voice in the workforce, with personalized, targeted listening that gives you always-on feedback across every channel. Capture it all in the XM Directory for a complete record of every employee’s digital experience across your IT portfolio.

Remove data silos.
Make confident investments

Maximize your impact with experience and operational data analysis on a single software platform. With automated, AI-powered analytics and pre-designed, configurable dashboards grounded in organizational science, you’ll have the required insights to improve the digital workplace experience in real-time.

Take action at scale

Create a culture of action by integrating employee experience management within the flow of work. Use no/low code data and workflow integrations with the systems and processes you already use. Set up automated triggers, tasks, and intelligent workflows to alert the right teams with insights and recommended actions, and scale your impact across the organization.

Brad Anderson

President of Product & Services,

Now more than ever, leaders need solutions that provide continuous, updated views of what their most important constituents are thinking, feeling and saying about their digital workplace experience.

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Help your people succeed through
technology experience management

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Design and improve experiences across
IT to power the modern workforce

Optimize every digital
workplace experience

Invest with confidence by designing and continually improving the technology experiences that boost productivity, innovation and intent to stay.

  • Get in-the-moment feedback from employees on their technology experiences
  • Automatically identify and take action on new end-user requirements and needs
  • Understand how your investments impact employee satisfaction, enablement, and productivity
  • Use cases include Technology Landscape Assessments, Employee Relationship with IT, ITSM Optimization, Portfolio Management, and more
Image of a sample dashboard showing a trend of how satisfied employees are with the technology they use by quarter
Image of phone with alerts displayed about holding a project check in because of an alert that there is a project collaboration gap between client and service provider

Maximize the ROI of technology
projects & digital transformations

Keep IT and technology projects on track by proactively managing project clarity, team confidence, and risks. Putting the employee voice at the center of your strategy surfaces critical XM feedback so project teams can take action and avoid potential setbacks—before it costs the organization time, money, and unnecessary work.

  • Get AI-recommended insights and early warning indicators to course-correct in real-time and keep projects on track
  • Understand if requirements and expectations are being met throughout the implementation to ensure smooth change management and drive adoption
  • Start quickly with pre-built methodology, including question and dashboard templates from Qualtrics experts tested in the world’s most successful companies
  • Use cases include major digital transformations (ERP, HRIS, CRM), ongoing internal software projects, change management, and more

Modernize IT Service Management
for the workforce of tomorrow

Meet and exceed employee expectations using experience data analysis with closed loop actioning for every product, service and support offering.

  • Automatically close the loop with employees after every support interaction, including your live help desk, online chat, or self-service experience
  • Empower service managers with the real-time insights they need to take action and remove experience gaps for internal stakeholders
  • Identify systemic opportunities to improve employee resourcing, service satisfaction, and productivity at scale
  • Use cases include internal service and support experiences (IT, HR), chatbot support, intranet knowledge base, and more

Improve employee happiness and productivity with digital employee experience software

Leading organizations turn to Qualtrics to deliver
people-centric technology experiences

Our goal is to find ways to drive productivity and efficiency. Qualtrics has helped us move from a support mindset to delivering long-term value to employees and the business.

IT Customer Satisfaction Leader,
Fortune 100 Global Manufacturer

Employees don’t necessarily differentiate between HR and IT. Qualtrics has allowed us to quickly establish IT as an authoritative voice on employee feedback, insights and sentiment by putting the voice of employees into every IT decision.

Global IT Employee Experience Leader,

What is employee technology experience?

Digital workplace experience — typically abbreviated to DEX — is a holistic reflection of how employees feel about, interact with and use digital tools to drive engagement, productivity and proficiency in the workplace.

With the move to hybrid and remote working, organizational priorities and ways of operation have changed. It’s not just about providing a well-equipped office space, but also a good digital employee experience.

For example, organizations have to assess how employees interact with workplace technology, as well as the performance of employee devices, tools and solutions.

But DEX extends beyond the IT function — it’s a component of the overall employee experience. And that’s because it’s closely related to the company’s culture, employee engagement practices, HR and ability to innovate.

DEX is less of a standalone practice and more of a wide-ranging strategy for experience and endpoint management.

However, some organizations struggle to implement digital employee experience programs that support and empower their people — this is in part due to rapid digital transformation, but also because of complex workplace technologies.

So what’s key for organizations is constant measurement of the employee experience — including productivity and the end-user experience — to identify where to bolster technologies, keep employees engaged, and improve overall performance.

By proactively identifying employee technology and performance issues ahead of time, organizations can troubleshoot, find the root cause and implement solutions to elevate the overall employee digital workplace experience.

Learn more about the digital workplace experience.

Digital employee experience FAQs

Digital employee experience software is a holistic, employee experience management software solution that empowers you (and other team members) to monitor, measure and improve employee experiences across every touchpoint.
As the world of work continues to transform and people operate in remote and/or hybrid capacities, it’s crucial that organizations monitor and analyze the digital experience — from the technologies employees use (and need) to how they interact across digital work environments. By leveraging digital employee experience tools, organizations can improve employee engagement, satisfaction, productivity and more.
With new ways of working and technologies to support remote and digital work experiences, employees must also acclimatize to the changes — and receive support in doing so — to not only do their best work, but also keep engaged. Digitalization makes work faster, more autonomous and efficient, but organizations must also consider how they keep employees connected. Ultimately, good digital employee experiences will contribute to the business’ bottom line and employee satisfaction.


The gold standard in
security and compliance

Enterprise-grade security and data privacy comes as standard and we’ve got the certificates to prove it — FedRAMPISO 27001, and HITRUST to be precise.
  • Data encryption, SMTP and DKIM email protocols, and client-controlled single sign on keeps your data secure
  • Your data is all yours. With secure data centers, access controls, cloud infrastructure, firewall and network security, you’re the only one with access
  • Tailor your security to meet industry or regional security and privacy standards, including GDPR one-touch data deletion