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Qualtrics for Higher Education

Create unmatched higher-education experiences for students and staff

Unlock unlimited listening across your students, faculty, and staff to create once-in-a-lifetime education experiences, high performing faculty, and the best staff teams.

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Empower higher education with
Experience Management solutions

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The ultimate listening tool

Uncover valuable insights and drive change in real-time. From admissions and enrollment to course evaluations and social media, you can improve and learn from every experience. With Qualtrics, expect:

  • Research-backed survey templates for all stages of the student and alumni journey
  • Real-time data visualization dashboards of the student experience
  • AI-powered text analysis of social media and review sites
  • Digital experience feedback modules
  • Scaled case management & ticketing systems
  • Seamless integrations with Salesforce, ServiceNow, Tableau, and more
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Hear every voice, at every level of education

Continuously engage and retain faculty and staff through Qualtrics’ user-friendly 360 surveys and instantly access it in a single hub. With Qualtrics, expect:

  • Research-backed, purpose-built question survey library
  • Pre-built surveys for employee journey points – onboarding, climate, engagement, and exit
  • Pre-built surveys for program, policy, and department evaluations
  • Centralized feedback hub for all employee feedback
  • Pre-built course evaluation templates with advanced survey building capabilities
  • HRIS Integration
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XM for Institution Research and Innovation

Streamline your research at scale

Research and innovation lie at the heart of any successful institution. From annual reporting and assessment results to institution-wide planning, analysis, and research, Qualtrics can customize, collect, and visualize results to facilitate data-driven decisions. With Qualtrics, expect:

  • Scaled survey solutions and dynamic distribution channels with automated reminders
  • Study, insight, and data storage
  • Role-based access/reports
  • Real-time reporting and data visualization
  • FedRamp authorization, SOC 2 Type II Certification, ISO 27001, 27017, and 27018 Certifications
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Regis University + Qualtrics

In the midst of monumental shifts affecting the world of higher education, Regis University’s Anderson College of Business and Computing worked with Qualtrics to better understand and segment its student market, and to prioritize new programming and marketing initiatives.

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regis university

Safe, secure, and
certified for the education industry

  • Keep your data safe and secure on the enterprise-grade Qualtrics platform, and have complete trust with tight privacy, monitoring, and data access controls.
  • We’re FedRAMP certified, so you can rest assured the XM Platform gives you all the tools you need to manage FERPA compliance.

Ready to see how Qualtrics can improve your higher education institution experience?

XM for Higher Education FAQ

The XM for Higher Education solution includes a suite of templates, dashboards and workflows that enable you to understand and optimize student experience, faculty and staff experience, operational excellence, alumni engagement, institutional reputation, innovation and strategic improvement, and stakeholder management.
Experience management (XM) is designed to help you make data-driven decisions to impact key outcomes in every area of education. To do this, there are three main packages available for purchase:

  • CoreXM – a powerful tool for student-led research, survey design, data collection, and analysis
  • XM for Students and Alumni – a program that helps institutions understand and improve the experience of their students
  • XM for Faculty and Staff – a module that enables institutions to measure and enhance their employee experience
Qualtrics is trusted by over 3,000 universities in 90 countries.