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Your guide to Brand Experience

Find out how to monitor and optimise your brand experience and communications strategy with our useful guides to Brand Experience

Developing an iconic brand doesn’t just happen overnight – the most successful brands are obsess over everything from the engagement of their employees to the product and customer experience.

It starts with happy employees. Who develop amazing products. Which delight customers. The brand is the culmination of all those things.

It’s a project that never ends too – by monitoring and optimising your brand you can keep track of how you’re performing, spot gaps where you can improve and start to optimise your marketing and communication strategy.

In this section, you’ll find all the tools and techniques you need to stay on top of your brand’s vital statistics and develop strategies for improvement.

Understanding your competitors

Your brand strength is always relative your competitors – get to know them, their strengths and their weaknesses and you can start to build a roadmap for how to optimise your own brand. It starts with gathering intelligence on your key competitors and then using that to drive insights and actions that will move your brand forward.

See our guides to competitor analysis

Measuring the strength of your brand

Before you can start optimising your strategy, you need to know how you’re tracking on key brand metrics. And when you’ve started your improvements, your KPIs will help keep you on track, allowing you to monitor improvements and identify the key drivers behind the scores.

Here are some of the most useful KPIs to start tracking:

Brand awareness – a leading indicator of brand strength, brand awareness is all about measuring what people think of when they think of your brand. It measures everything from whether your brand is top of mind for consumers and whether they associate you with your products or values. Explore our guides to brand awareness

Brand equity – this is a great measure of the commercial value of your brand. While most organisations understand the need to develop a strong brand, having a hard metric that demonstrates the impact of the brand, rather than just your goods and services, is a KPI that will help you prove the value to the organisation.

Brand perception – you might have aspirations for your brand, but does the perception of your customers or prospects match up? Brand perception measures what consumers are thinking and saying about your brand. It allows you to monitor whether your communications and your brand strategy are translating into the minds of consumers.

Advertising testing – since the early days of advertising, brands have always tested their ads. Afterall, campaign scan cost tens of millions of pounds – so wouldn’t you want to have an idea of how they’re going to perform before you spend all your budget? Ad testing can start from simple message testing before you’ve even begun creative, right through to multivariate testing on thousands of pieces of creative. See our guides to ad testing

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