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Milwaukee Public Schools relies on Qualtrics to drive student success through everything from professional development evaluations to community and district research.

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Stakeholder Insights

One powerful platform to discover the various drivers of student success
  • Voice of Parent
  • School climate
  • Real-time stakeholder feedback
  • Program evaluation
Qualtrics for Districts

Strategic Planning

Engage your community and evaluate what your district is doing well by using targeted survey intercepts on your website. Armed with data from the right people, you can develop a long-range plan to advance the education of your students.

School Climate

Use surveys to measure the overall climate of your school from the perspective of students, parents and teachers. Gather insights about safety, relationships, teaching and learning, and the external environment.

Program Evaluation

Obtain the information you need to determine the effectiveness and value of district programs, policies and initiatives.

Applicant Tracking

Build forms, advanced assessments, work flows, and trigger alerts to track teacher and faculty applicants. Plus, we give you file upload question types so you can easily accept applications and paperwork.


Understand the effectiveness of your transportation operations by obtaining student and parent feedback.

Bond/Levy Referendum

Gather voter feedback, communicate bond/levy referendum information to key stakeholders, and generate live public data visualizations to advocate important funding initiatives for your school system.

Priority Based Budgeting

Make data-driven funding decisions, engage key stakeholders in the budgeting process and match available resources with overall priorities to create an equitable budget based on real-time information.

Boundaries/Rezoning Surveys & Communication

Engage your community through email, SMS, website intercepts, and data visualizations so you can collect feedback and communicate proposed boundary or zoning changes.

Customer Service

Deliver a better experience for parents, students, and staff with closed-loop feedback, dynamic data visualizations and role-based dashboards that ensure follow up with every individual—in real-time.

Event Management

Make your events more impactful by using Qualtrics before, during and after your events to close the loop in real-time and gather insights to drive future improvements.

Qualtrics for Faculty

Professional Development Evaluations

Measure the effectiveness of professional development programs and gauge faculty and staff improvement using pre- and post- PD assessments.

New Teacher Effectiveness

Determine the effectiveness of teacher onboarding and send ad-hoc surveys to track engagement and success.

Parent and Teacher Panel Recruitment

Build your own panel of teachers and parents so you can research faster and achieve higher response rates. Qualtrics helps you manage incentives and build rich respondent profiles so you can target teachers and parents with relevant questions.

Qualtrics for Parents


Use Qualtrics survey tool to recruit parental support, get a head count for your meetings, and manage ballots and voting.

Voice of the Parent

Measure parent engagement and gather feedback about everything from school improvement plans and district initiatives to curriculum and bus routes—and do it all through your websites, SMS, panels, or emailed surveys.

Community Engagement

Use Qualtrics SMS or email distributions to inform the community of events or announcements and gather real-time feedback.

Qualtrics for Students

Senior Exit Survey

Push exit surveys to graduating seniors via email or through your LMS so you can gather valuable feedback and improve school programs year after year.

Alumni Tracking

Strengthen relationships with alumni using social media, SMS text messages, emails, and more to gather feedback and deliver relevant messaging.

Student Screening

Use Qualtrics for workflow processes, IEP, and to screen students for gifted and talented or advanced placement programs.

Student Voice

Gather student feedback through mobile, SMS or social media. Plus, using Qualtrics Integrations you can distribute surveys through your current LMS platform.

Anti-Bullying Initiatives

With more than 100+ question types, including advanced heat mapping, you can pinpoint problematic locations on campus and manage incident reporting without combing through endless lists of data.

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Employee Insights

Brighter futures for everyone—not just students
  • Faculty and staff 360 evaluations
  • Employee engagement
  • Onboarding feedback
  • Exit interviews

Employee 360 Reviews

Collect teacher performance evaluation feedback so every faculty member can develop their career. Plus, easily launch and run 360 performance reviews for non-instructional faculty and staff.

Employee Engagement

Discover what truly motivates your employees so you can improve and grow your business from the inside-out.

Employee Insight

Measure overall employee engagement and drill down to see specific insights to help you recruit the best teachers and improve school and district culture.

On-Boarding Feedback

Improve your on-boarding and training programs to build stronger faculty and staff.

Exit Insights

Identify factors that cause faculty and staff to leave and determine how to retain top talent.

Ad-Hoc Employee Surveys

Qualtrics’ easy-to-use technology allows you to quickly address employee concerns as they arise so you can develop a thriving staff.

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