My Surveys


Every time you log in to Qualtrics the My Surveys tab will be open. This tab is a one-stop-shop with a list of the surveys you’ve created followed by surveys that have been Collaborated with you. In line with each survey are shortcuts to survey tasks such as copying, deleting, or translating a survey. Whole Page 3

My Surveys Options

The My Surveys page offers a variety of options to help you navigate Research Suite. The following options are included:

  • Create Survey: Begin creating a new survey. For more information on survey creation, view Creating a Survey.

    create survey
  • Email Survey: Navigate to the Email Survey section of the Distribute Survey tab. For more information on sending an email distribution, view Email Customized Links.

    Email Survey
  • View Results: Navigate to the View Results tab.

    View Results
  • Message Center: Communicate with other Qualtrics users and receive updates with new information from the Qualtrics development team.

    Message Center

Managing Survey Folders

You can organize surveys into folders using the Manage Folders feature in the My Surveys tab.

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Within this feature, you can:

  1. View the contents of a folder: Click Manage Folders,and then select the specific folder. The surveys located within that folder appears in the box to the right.
  2. Assign a survey to a different folder: Select the folder where your survey is currently located. The surveys in this folder will appear in the box to the right. Drag your survey to the desired folder on the left.
  3. Create a folder: Click Add Folder, and then enter the folder name. AddFolder
  4. Delete a folder: Click the folder you want to delete, then click Delete Folder. DeleteFolder
  5. Rename a folder: Double-click the folder name. Enter a new folder name in the textbox.

Survey Tasks

Survey Tasks are listed in line with each of your surveys. These tasks allow you to access different aspects of the survey directly from the My Surveys tab.

Survey Tasks:

  • Activate/Deactivate: Toggle the selected survey on and off. When a survey is active (noted by a green checkmark by the survey name), it is open to collecting responses.

  • Edit: Navigate to the Edit Survey tab and make changes to the survey.

  • Results: Navigate to the View Results tab and view data from the survey.

  • Send: Navigate to the Distribute Survey tab and distribute the survey.

  • View: View a preview of the survey.

  • Collaborate: Give another Qualtrics user access to the survey.

  • Copy: Make a copy of the selected survey. You can copy to three locations:

    • My Account or Group Account: Copy the survey to your account or a group account. This is useful when you or someone in one of your groups wants to work on a copy of the survey.
    • Library: Copy the survey to a personal or group library. This is appropriate when you would like to archive a copy of your survey for future reference.
    • Another User Account: Copy the survey to another user’s account. This is appropriate when you want to create a copy of the survey to be housed in another user’s account.
    FYI: When you copy a survey you copy more than just the questions on the survey. You also copy survey flow elements, quotas, survey options, look & Feel settings, etc.
    For example: if a survey has a partial completion date of 1 week set, and that survey is copied, the new survey created as a copy will also have a 1 week partial completion date.
  • Translate: Translate your survey into multiple languages.

  • Delete: Delete your survey. Deleted surveys cannot be recovered, so you will be asked to confirm this decision.

Qtip: To sort your surveys, click one of the column headers. Click Name to sort alphabetically, Active to sort based on whether or not a survey is active, or Responses to sort by number of survey responses.