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16 ways to capture and capitalise on customer insights

The customer experience isn’t about a single ‘wow’ moment – it’s the culmination of several interactions with your brand. Understanding each stage of the customer journey helps is critical to making adjustments that delight customers at every moment and which help fuel growth.

In this eBook find out how to capture customer insights helping you attract customers, rapidly resolve customer issues, and develop stronger loyalty.

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What you will learn from this eBook:


  • Why customer research is crucial across the entire journey
    Organisations that have mastered customer experience grow 4-8% faster than the market. Learn how to attract customers, influence buying decisions, and measure loyalty for continued growth.
  • Common research methods and how to apply them
    There are several methods of customer research ranging from competitive benchmarking to relational customer satisfaction metrics. Learn how each method works and where to apply it.
  • How to delight customers to drive retention and loyalty
    It can be up to 25 times more costly to attract new customers than to retain existing ones. Learn what entices your customers to your brand and what makes them loyal.



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