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How can my company increase employee engagement?

4 min read
Knowing your engagement score is just the start - find out how to dig deeper to identify the areas where you can improve employee engagement at your company.

So you’ve carried out your annual engagement survey and identified a need to improve on your scores – but where do you start?

Well, there’s no cookie-cutter approach unfortunately, and knowing your engagement score is just the start of the process.

The next step is to start to identify the key drivers of employee engagement so you can hone in on the ones having the biggest impact on your staff.

Improving engagement starts with your survey – once you know the levers to pull, you can fine-tune the experience for your employees.

It’s a combination of motivating and demotivating factors. Once you know what they are, you can do more of the former and start to remove or reduce the influence of the latter.

Here are some universal factors that are known to impact employee engagement, regardless of industry, role type or employee type:

  • Autonomy / Empowerment – are people empowered in their roles and able to innovate on the job?
  • Career Progression – are there opportunities for people to grow and develop in the company?
  • Collaboration – are they able to easily work with other teams or colleagues without barriers or conflict?
  • Communication – are they getting enough info from the company about what’s happening and do they feel they’re being listened to?
  • Company Leadership – do employees believe in and trust their senior leaders?
  • Recognition – do people feel that they’re recognized and appreciated?
  • Resources – are they enabled to do their job through the equipment they’re given?
  • Strategy Alignment – do they buy into where the company is going and how they’re a part of it?
  • Supportive Management – are managers supporting their teams to be successful?
  • Training and Development – do they feel they have the training they need to do their job?

As well as those universal factors, there are some others too which you can look at depending on your organisation type or the company culture:

  • Customer Focus – are they in a customer centric organisation and are they empowered to do what’s needed?
  • Diversity & Inclusion – do they feel the organisation is inclusive and fair to all employees?
  • Pay and Benefits – do people feel they’re fairly rewarded for what they put in?
  • Quality of Product or Services – do people believe in what they (and/or the organisation) provide to their customers?
  • Safety – Do people feel their safety is critical to the organisation?
  • Social Responsibility – do they feel the company is a good corporate citizen with a worthwhile cause?
  • Work-Life Balance – do they feel the company allows them to achieve the balance they need between work and personal life?

Digging deeper into what’s working (or not)

Taking these engagement drivers and including them in your employee engagement survey will allow you to identify which factors are most important in promoting engagement or causing staff to become disengaged.

Say for example your analysis finds that there’s a relationship between disengaged employees and your scores for training and development, you can start to focus on this area to help improve engagement levels.

The key is to be able to make the connections – if you can analyse your engagement survey responses to map engagement drivers back to your engagement scores you can start to build an action plan to improve the areas that will have the biggest impact.

See how key driver analysis works

Plus, you can take it a step further too, with pulse surveys to follow up and dig deeper into your areas of action to monitor and track the improvements.

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