What is Qualtrics?

Qualtrics is the world’s first experience management platform, designed to allow you to gather, analyse and act on your core business data.

The best companies in the world today are driven by data. The best companies of tomorrow are driven by experience data. It’s the information behind your data – the ‘why’ behind your sales numbers, leads, employee attrition rates and customer experience scores.

With the world’s first experience management platform, our cloud-based software lets your teams access, analyse and share all your data wherever they are, with no hardware or maintenance required.

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The most powerful technology

We’re a technology company. Our hundreds of engineers innovate to create the most flexible surveys, advanced statistical analysis and intelligent features that automatically surface actions to take and model how they’ll impact your organisation.

With you in the driving seat

Everything is self-serve with simple drag-and-drop and point-and-click interfaces to make the most advanced actions as simple as clicking a button. Generate and share reports, combine data from multiple sources and collaborate with teams and colleagues throughout your organisation easily.

Nail it and scale it

Subject matter experts, technical implementation teams, 24/7 support, user training and customer success – we help you nail the strategy, the tech and the implementation to get your program off the ground and keep innovating so it delivers results for your organisation.

Sophisticated research.
Simpler business decisions

“If the data you need exists, you Google it. If it doesn’t, you Qualtrics it” – Ryan Smith, founder and CEO

Since we launched our first research software in 2001, we’ve been leading the way in insights for academics and the world’s biggest brands. Built on flexible survey tools with advanced functionality and statistical analysis that automates some of the most complex calculations, our experience management platform surfaces the insights and predicts the key drivers that will transform your organisation.


customer ExperienceTM

Measure your customer experience and turn data into actionable insights, automatically surfacing and prioritising the areas that will make the biggest impact for your organisation.

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employee ExperienceTM

Measure and connect employee insights from recruitment to exit and get real-time results so you can act quickly to retain and get more from your staff.

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brand ExperienceTM

Segment your customers, track your brand health and identify the most important drivers of brand equity with simple to use tools.

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product ExperienceTM

Identify unmet needs in your market, test concepts, products and pricing and automatically identify the changes that will turn your products into must-haves.

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We power over 9,000 of the world’s leading brands and more than half of Europe’s top universities.

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