What is experience management?

Qualtrics Experience ManagementTM is how you manage the four core experiences of any business. It’s how you build awesome products that people love. It’s how you delight customers at every touchpoint. It’s how you build a phenomenal employee culture. And it’s how you build iconic brands.

Experience management is software for improving the experiences organisations provide to every stakeholder, whether it's customers, employees, prospects, users, partners, suppliers, citizens, students, or investors.

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Watch the XM announcement

Qualtrics CEO Ryan Smith announces the Experience Management PlatformTM at the 2017 Insight Summit in Salt Lake City

Four applications to manage the four key experiences of business

Experience management helps organisations measure, prioritise, and optimise the experiences they provide across the four foundational experiences of business:


customer ExperienceTM

Customer experience is more than tracking promoters or satisfaction scoring. You have to know how your customers are changing, which ones matter most, and, essentially, how to attract them to your brand. Qualtrics CXTM helps you monitor, respond, and improve every touchpoint along the customer journey.

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employee ExperienceTM

Keeping your finger on the company pulse and staying connected to employees is hard. HR leaders must flag training gaps, nurture top performers, and engage the front line. Simultaneously. Qualtrics EXTM helps improve engagement, reduce unwanted attrition, and build stronger teams by optimising key moments across the employee lifecycle.

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brand ExperienceTM

Brand equity can be your most valuable asset, and also the most fleeting. As the path to awareness, preference, and loyalty becomes harder to navigate, Qualtrics BXTM helps you benchmark and track brand awareness, equity, and perceptions. And then move from insights to action.

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product ExperienceTM

How big is your market; could it be bigger? Today you have to craft your product, features, and pricing long before you ship. And if your market is changing, you can’t be the last to know. Qualtrics PXTM helps you uncover unmet product needs, prioritise features, measure user experience, and predict market adoption and usage.

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How does experience management work?

Measure & Baseline

Measure and baseline stakeholder experiences you deliver across all touchpoints.

Prioritise & Predict

Predict and prioritise stakeholder needs and trends. Identify key experience drivers and make smarter decisions.

Act & Optimise

Track progress and drive continuous experience improvement.

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Built on the Qualtrics Research CoreTM, the world’s leading research software, Qualtrics Experience Management PlatformTM is the first platform that enables any organisation to optimise every key experience.

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