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How to Improve Your Employee Engagement Program

2 min read
If you’ve been running your employee engagement program for a while, you may find it’s no longer getting the responses or results it used to. Programs can become a little stale over time; here are our tips for rethinking yours and freshening it up.

Item Review

Look in detail at the questions you are asking. Some of them may now be redundant or irrelevant and need to be removed. Particularly look out for:

  • Items scoring very highly year on year
  • Items that are frequently skipped (people may not feel they are relevant to them or the question may be confusing)
  • Items that are not actionable or answerable; every item should have an action and resources connected to it
  • Items that feel irrelevant to your organisation

Reporting Review

Assess the effectiveness and impact of your executive and team reporting so that it can be improved. Make sure:

  • You know who your audiences are for reporting and that you can reach each one
  • You have resources in place for your managers to facilitate necessary change
  • You consider other forms of reporting, such as videos and animations, to communicate your results in an impactful way

Program Timing

The timing of your engagement survey is critical to getting a good response rate. If you usually do an annual survey, also consider:

  • Would it be better to run the survey more frequently than once a year?
  • Would shorter, more frequent surveys be better for the rhythm of your business?

Individual Engagement

Think about ways you can engage better with individual employees on the survey. You could have:

  • Individual reports for each employee to view a summary of their results upon completion
  • A central place for employees to view results, or a general sharing of results
  • Other channels of communication – do you rely solely on email, are there other platforms you can use?

Branding Refresh

Make your survey look up-to-date and relevant by freshening up the design with colours and features.

  • If you have a creative team, let them loose on designing a new brand and theme for your program. Do you have a strong name for the initiative?
  • Refresh the online branding and site coding where necessary. If you have internal resources that design your website in CSS, they can help design a theme for the Qualtrics survey that feels very consistent